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In love with…Muro.exe sneakers

Love the lines, the texture and the concept. Check out the whole line here! “death to > retro, cheap but expensive, expensive but cheap, bad ideas carried out badly, the unnecessarily baroque, lack of personality.” Muro.exe


What can be more cozy than wrap oneself in a soft handmade pull-over on a winter day? Not so many things! At Knitbrary they create knitted garment with the most luxurious wool of the world: Vicuña, the excellent Peruvian Pima Cotton, baby alpaca or merino wool. Beautiful in their simplicity, these sweaters are pure temptation on grey days like today. […]

Amaya Arzuaga, el vino

While the majority of designers launch a fragrance for Christmas, the Spanish designer Amaya Arzuaga launches her own wine. “Amaya Arzuaga Colección 2008” is the name for this series of 2800 bottles made with the finest grapes from Ribera del Duero. It costs €50 and it’s available at … Mientras que la mayoría de los diseñadores lanzan fragancias para […]

Bolsos Lacambra

Customization is one of the key trends of the last years. We are more connected than ever, and as well-informed consumers we are getting better and better at understanding what we want and how we want things. The logical conclusion of this is the need for our personal taste to be reflected on the things […]