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Spring trend: Sporty Feet

Last september we saw the always fun Susie Bubble in Nike trainers outside the Milan shows, and we’ve also seen an explosion of popularity of the Isabel Marant sneakers (like Chiara showed us last winter). It’s almost one of the most popular trends: sneakers. Today I bring you some ideas to shop your pair, but take note: In order to not hate watching pictures of […]

Alpargatas, espadrilles, espandreños

I bet you have your own private routine that signals to yourself the beginning of spring or summer. It could be the first glass of a special beverage you buy, the first “clara” for example at a terrace with friends or maybe…some special shopping spree. Buying espadrillos is one of my routines. I love this […]

United Nude – Fold Hi Tapestry

While I was never a big fan of this brand (due specially for their classic “eamz” model), I think these new designs are fun and sophisticated at the same time. The Fold and Helix collection specially. If you ask me, though, I would definately erase that logo from the design…especially  in the Ray model, I think […]

Lucila Iotti 2011

It’s great to see how this new generation of shoe designers is creating a new identity, innovating and, at the same time, continuing with traditional craftsmanship and techniques that otherwise might disappear. Argentinean Lucila Iotti is one of them. She started her brand in 2007 and today is considered a classic of Buenos Aires. With her […]

3D Printed Shoes (zapatos impresos)

For quite sometime I’ve been wanting to write a post about shoes produced by 3D-printers. I know, it still sounds a bit odd, but since a few years, it’s been one of the most interesting proposals in shoe design (and something that makes you dream about ideate your own shoe and wear it the same […]

Obsesión del mes…Zapatos de colores 80’s

Color, color, color! Buscando mis zapatos de colores, encontré estos de ebay, y aunque ya terminó la subasta, se los muestro porque en Le Swing (la tienda vintage de Barcelona) encontré unos iguales, por un precio mas que razonable. En ebay hay de muchos precios, desde sólo 7 dólares (unos 4 euros!), o zapatos italianos por 24 dólares. y otros en […]