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Mackeene Swimwear

To enjoy the pool and the waves, the sun, the laziness and the nice company, are a few things we love about the summer, right? But I’m sure you’d be disappointed to see what you have for swimwear right now in you closet. That is why this week we will have a special focused only […]

Moonchild AW2013

Another dreamy and mystical collection by the French brand Moonchild. Love the images and designs inspired by the mystery that surrounds the works of artists such as Andrei Tarkovsky, Aleister Crowley or Kenneth Anger. Poetic knitwear and Bohemian patterns to wrap you about this autumn… … Otra mística colección de los franceses Moonchild. Me encantan las imágenes y […]

April77 + Calla Haynes

French brand April77 and Canadian designer Calla Haynes have joined forces to create a high-end, psychedelic and modern denim capsule collection. “The brand, CALLA, is based on the idea of relaxed luxury, so it was important to me to propose jeans to my client. I asked April 77 to work with me because they are […]

Moonchild SS12 The Holy Mountain

This video features a preview of the Spring/Summer collection of the French brand Moonchild. As we’ve seen in their last winter collection, the brand remains inspired by native American emblems, and stretches into psychedelic art embodied by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s esoteric imagery and Aldous Huxley‘s mystical books.

Eric Bompard Cashmere

If you think about the softer and most luxurious fabrics in existence, it is very probable that you end up thinking about cashmere. While many brands sell this fabric, the first one that comes to mind may very well be the french label Eric Bompard. I absolutely adore their V neck pullovers, and in their […]

Moonchild – Echoes

More and more we see brands that are looking for a more authentic feeling, trying to get away of the dull consumerism and uniformity. Moonchild is on of this brands and the newborn of the head designer of April 77, Pascale Koehl. Made of 100% alpaca wool, this handmade, timeless looking pieces are made in […]