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ANNA KATHRYN GREGOR “Keep distance!”

Come close but not too much. Maybe that’s a common feeling today. Should I trust you? Should I let you in? I loved the concept of this collection by Anna Kathryn Gregor, a ZUYD university student. Keep distance! Is inspired by a text of Arthur Schopenhauer in which he compares the behavior of porcupines with human […]

Lina Michal: Winner of the MUUSE X VOGUE Talents Young Vision Award 2013

Lina Michal is a Swedish fashion designer who has been awarded most visionary designer 2013 by the final public vote on Michal has previously intern for Mary Kratantzou and  and will be an Editorial Intern at Opening Ceremony in New York.  With her exam collection Heathen Hearts she wanted to examine her Swedish heritage and modern man’s primitive urge to decorate […]

Royal Caballito AW13 “Hielo”

This collection feels fun and cozy, isn’t it? For her new collection, Diana Saldaña was mostly inspired by images of snow and cold sun light. Diana imagined a girl wearing the new pieces from HIELO and feeling really happy in her skin – inside and outside. What a great starting point! The pieces show a clear evolution […]

Becker & Co at

Becker & Co is a young brand, based in Madrid, which sells beautiful handmade jewelry designed and manufactured by its founder Irene Becker. I like the explosion of colour and textures you can see in these delicate pieces. The necklaces and bracelets are available in a special sale at, an european pop up store/online […]

A Couple – Trip 2 “HOME SEAT HOME” SS2013

The chair is the inspiration for the latest collection from the designers Laia Garcés and Núria Martí from A Couple. The chair symbolizes coming home after a long trip, sitting down and just talking with family and friends for hours.  This idea is translated into a collection of bold textured pieces like the long skirt or dresses. Always […]

Muuse x Vogue Talents – Voting continues!

I just wanted to do a quick follow up on the Muuse xVogue contest. Voting has now started and here are some of the talented designerst to choose from! … Sólo quería recordaros que ya pueden votar en el concurso de Muuse x Vogue. Aquí algunos de los diseñadores que pueden elegir.   link to […]

Hatijah Alston “Tensegrity”

What is left when something dies? That’s the question Hatijah Alston, a recent graduate from IED Barcelona asked when she did her thesis.  The process of decay reveals the skeleton and internal structure of objects. With this starting point Alston presented a series of garments that talk about these new forms that arise when something ends. […]