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Alexis Reyna AW2012 – 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

On a cold night, Where we travel, whilst elsewhere they celebrate Christmas, Our family of the foreign strange and elderly kiss and dance in Olympus’ shadow of carnal pleasures cast upon our street In this moment in the hot shade Everything is brief except the mysterious and timeless aristocratic beauty of my clients and companions. […]

Josep Abril AW2012 – 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

“Introspection: Observation and examination of our own feelings and thoughts”. After 15 years I want to observe the work done.” Josep Abril Photos for Jufré Photography

Krizia Robustella SS12 – 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Krizia Robustella is all about colour and fun. Her eccentric “sport deluxe” is always a breeze of fresh air. I would check out her accessories, I specially liked the ice cream necklace :-) Krizia Robustella es todo color y diversión. Su excéntrico “sport deluxe” es siempre una brisa de aire fresco. Creo que habría que tomar […]

Manuel Bolaño SS12 – 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Devil is the details. I love the freedom of mixing patterns and these examples are really inspiring! But let’s forget for one moment the baroque expression of Manuel Bolaño: isn’t this sweater just lovely? El diablo está en los detalles. Me encanta la libertad de mezclar distintos estampados y estos ejemplos son inspiradores. Pero por […]

YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADES SS12 – 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

This collection was inspired by the idea of creating a new uniform. Luxury and utility mixed through loose lines that deconstruct the geometrical shapes of the garments. I always liked the idea of uniforms and this particular collection of Yiorgos Eleftheriades has some pieces that I would love to add to my wardrobe, like the […]

Montse Liarte SS12 – 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

“The ability to move is essential to the survival of most animals. Locomotion requires energy to overcome friction in the environment. All animals adapt their bodies to overcome that friction, enabling them to move. “Fricció” is based on this erosion and anatomical adaptation, in plastics, silks and tulles, in orange and blue tones.” — Montse Liarte “La capacidad […]