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WUNDERBROW-thicken your eyebrows naturally in 2 minutes

Are you among those women who have been experiencing thinning eyebrows? Are your eyebrows naturally thin and scanty? Well, welcome to the club. Is not rare to find more and more girls across the globe who have become tired of using brow pencils or primers to make their eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. If you […]

adidas Originals X PHARRELL WILLIAMS

What a cool collaboration, check out the prints for these designs! Musician, songwriter, and cultural icon Pharrell Williams returns with a new adidas Originals pack that serves his iconic sense of style and whimsy.

Wedding outfit ideas when pregnant

A good friend of mine recently got married. The event was twice as happy because she was pregnant. And I was thinking, this is something you don’t see so often in magazines. We recently published Marcel Pedragosa’s pictures of the Barcelona Bridal Week. There we see this amazing gowns for tiny bodies. So, what happens when […]

Barcelona Bridal Week por Marcel Pedragosa

Es temporada de bodas y la primavera trae los aires perfectos para que se celebre la pasarela más importante para las novias. Del 5 al 10 de mayo tuvo lugar la 25° edición de la Barcelona Bridal Week. El evento reunió un grupo reducido de 23 nombres de grandes marcas y diseñadores independientes que desfilaron mostrando las […]

Print your own clothes – Electroloom

It’s finally here: The first 3D printer for clothes is now a reality. A team of biomedical, mechanical and computer engineers has been working on a machine that “prints” real clothes called Electroloom. Liz Bacelar, founder of Decoded Fashion, gave last year an estimate to Mashable: In three years we will have printed clothes. Well, with […]

Is fashion really dead?

Last march, forecasting guru Li Edelkoort talked to Dezeen about the end of fashion as we know it. She even published an Anti_Fashion Manifesto were she talks  in 10 points about what she means with “The fashion business is going to implode”. In Dezeen’s article, there was a bunch of commenters saying: “this is the […]

Un arco iris de pasteles (y algunas palabras sobre el feminismo)

What kind of feminist are you? I dropped the question talking about it with a girl I had just met at an “speed-friending” event. The card read “feminist” and I was intrigued to know what that word meant to her. Of course she stared at me with a question mark on her forehead and choked […]

Shoes we love: Petrucha

Founded by Anaid Cano and Josep Vila, Petrucha was born with the idea to make a “footwear in a way that was different from the conventional, more respectful of people and their surroundings”. The name is inspired by  Cano’s grandmother nickname, used by those who know her in an affectionate way. Anaid Cano is the […]

Rodtnes – Luxury everyday bags

Mette Rodtnes is an award winning architect and interior designer from Denmark and the founder of the bag label Rodtnes. Her main inspiration for the first model, Loretta was the desire to have a stylish bag that can carry all the things we need as women who work and that would also look good when you go […]