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Backstage del desfile de Brain&Beast por Marcel Pedragosa

Un adelanto del reportage gráfico del fotógrafo Marcel Pedragosa en el marco de la pasarela de moda 080 Barcelona Fashion que tuvo lugar del 29 al 3 de julio. Aquí fotos del backstage de los diseñadores Brain&Beast. “Don’t hate what you don’t understand”

WUNDERBROW-thicken your eyebrows naturally in 2 minutes

Are you among those women who have been experiencing thinning eyebrows? Are your eyebrows naturally thin and scanty? Well, welcome to the club. Is not rare to find more and more girls across the globe who have become tired of using brow pencils or primers to make their eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. If you […]

NailO – The new nail art sticker from the MIT

How cool it is when you have to give a post the category of “Beauty” and “Tech” at the same time. Today is the turn of NailO, a wearable input device in the form of a commercialized nail art sticker. It works as a miniaturized trackpad the size and thickness of a fingernail that can […]

Hair Building Fibers

Want to look charming and youthful? Try Hair Building Fibers Hair fall or excessive hair loss is a problem which not only affects men but also a large population of the women around the world. What may first seem as a regular shedding of hair may soon turn into excessive hair fall that also turns […]

Beauty & Tech, electronic make-up

Just blink and levitate objects. Just move your fingertips and open your door”. Fake eyelashes that can move objects, conductive make-up to control mobile devices or acrylic nails to switch smartphones are some of the innovative products designed by Katia Vega, a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). When we talk […]

Products that support breast cancer awareness

International Cancer Awareness day is this week, and that is why I gathered just some of the products that donate part of the proceeds to different cancer awareness organizations. Stella&Dot‘s pink collection all net proceeds will go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Swarovski’s Pink Hope collection proceeds are donated to the Fundación Fero (Cruciani also collaborates with […]

Perfume: Roses by Chloé (video)

For the launch of its new fragrance, Roses de Chloé, the Chloé house has developed a hypnotic film celebrating the rose, at the heart of its new scent. The artistic piece, directed by the French choreographers I Could Never Be a Dancer, reveals Chloé’s unique interpretation of the rose. French electro artist Jackson and His […]

Valentina Acqua Floreale – Exclusive images

The new Valentino’s Eau de Toilette Valentina Acqua Floreale is inspired by the original perfume, Valentina. Continuing the story, Acqua Florale appears as a fresh, elegant and sophisticated version, full of light and energy. Rome is the chosen setting and the fragrance is inspired by the summer mornings, imagining our protagonist, the contradictory Valentina, opening the windows and […]

See by Chloé – The Perfume

The recently launched See by Chloé perfume is a youthful and happy fragrance, a cool accessory for the fans of Chloé’s petit line. The fruity floral notes are revealed by a multi-faceted bottle that includes a cute silver ring. Don’t miss their campaign website and try the See by Chloé app to create your own videos. The idea is […]