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Mobo Fashion Trends & Deals: A One-Stop App?

None of us can live without our phones, and they’ve evolved to become some of the most necessary things to carry in our purses. It’s become so important to us, that we’ve even invented a purse that can charge our phones while we’re out and about in our busy days. Of course, we don’t just use […]

New Generation

Works of the IDEP’s graduates Marta Campamà, Alba Luna Segura, Carolina Martinho, Marta Pujol, Laura Gasa and Carolina Martinho

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits

I’m amazed by this wearable sculptures by the american artist Nick Cave (not be confused with the musician). Mixing haute cuture with African ceremonial costumes, his idea is to “transform the familiar into the fantastical  through the evocation of emotions that remain unstated and are realised only in our dreams”. The suits are constructed with […]

Viktor & Rolf – Russian Doll – AW 1999

Viktor & Rolf Fall 99 HC Fashion Show (Full) Lately I am a bit obsessed with fashion, as the second skin that it is and as dressing as a habit. A daily personal habit, something that involves our complete selves more than anything I would say. Viktor & Rolf are the kind of designers that, […]

A bit of summer inspiration

Winter has been a bit tough this year. I’ve been feeling unusually melancholic. I guess we are not used to this kind of weather in Barcelona. Too much rainy days! Oh, go ahead,  you have all the right to say it, we are bit spoiled living in a Mediterranean city! Anyway, spring is here, summer is […]

Quote of the Week-Dries Van Noten

I am in a more relaxed mood these days. I would say I am “editing” the reality a lot lately. Maybe that’s why I thought this extract of an interview of Natalia Rachlin to Dries Van Noten for Dansk Magazine of last spring was kind of perfect. Have a nice weekend. Nuestro rol es soñar […]

Walter Van Beirendock + Chris & Tibor

A fun collaboration between the belgian designer Walter Van Beirendock and cutting edge accessories label from London Chris & Tibor, soon available here. So when it comes to the crunch, one thing is certain: there will always be room for people who are truly creative. Actually, there’s a greater need for them than ever – because they […]

El Colmillo de Morsa

El Colmillo de Morsa, check out more about them here. Jordi Espino y Elisabet Vallecillo son El Colmillo de Morsa, una nueva marca con base en Barcelona. Una colección en tonos y materiales suaves como el chiffon. Esta camisa, por ejemplo, me gustó muchísimo. Para tener en cuenta. web

Nice Hair

Happy weekend! Buen fin de semana (* * and *)