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SAMPLE-CM – Trans-disciplinary Design by Margot Charbonnier

By Mercedes

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SAMPLE-CM was founded in 2010 and is ever since questioning and confronting the borders between

Fashion, Art and Sociology. The 10 signature pieces of the new capsule collection condense sportswear and streetwear essentials through comfortable and intelligent design.

The .grand bassin. project works as a set of equipment that stretches the body to the limits of action spaces.

Every garment comes with kits of adhesive straps and instructions, inviting to experience the clothing as a full bodily practice. Adjusted, fitted, tied or transformed, .grand bassin.  bodies form a field for a personal move.

GB1. official teaser. by scm from Margot Charbonnier on Vimeo.

3 4 6 8 10 21 22 sample-cm

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