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Alesya Orlova Handbags

By Mercedes

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After working with interior design, Ukrainian born, Hamburg based Alesya Orlova decided to move into handbag design and launched her own brand, producing leather handbags for women. Orlova wants to create objects that are tactile and that can give a sense of texture.

My collections of women handbags represent philosophy of simplicity, elegance and tradition of handmade accessories. The deep attention to details and using only the finest quality of materials makes every peace of the collection unique, handmade in Germany.

I personally like the idea to mix simplicity with texture. The patterns are harmonic and the inspiration comes from a “story of Russian model Natalia ‘Supernova’ Vodianova who stepped out of poverty in Russia into global stardom. (…)The design of ‘Supernova’ clutch represents philosophy of minimalism, elegance and sophistication. The particular attention to detail, the purity of the lines and the use of high quality materials make this product unique which you can’t find anywhere else.”

Alesya Orlova can be found at and the cool online shop of Wolfgang and Badger.

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