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Print All Over Me – My Surfergirl T-Shirt

By Mercedes

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tshirt-surfer I just received my tshirt from Print All Over Me and I mean, it is really, really cool! I created this pattern (illustrated it by hand with gouache first and then arrange the motif on Photoshop) and designed my own garments. The result is cool, unique and I feel this is the way I will dress from now on. Why surfers? Surfing is one of the things I would love to do everyday, but living in Sweden it is a bit complicated. But surfing also means being in control without having control, so for me it’s a kind of metaphor for life.

The best is to surf your days and in the meantime just enjoy the moment and have fun! So what is PAOM? Print All Over Me is an online creation and production platform, where both artists and amateurs can upload their designs and sell their fashion and home products. The t-shirt is really soft to the touch and the illustrations look really great.

One note, every garment is custom made, so it takes a bit to be delivered to your home, but I can tell you: It really worth it! I will upload more designs very soon, but you can find the products here. tshirt-surfergirl   bag-surferdress-surfersurfer-tshirt shirt-surfer

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