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WUNDERBROW-thicken your eyebrows naturally in 2 minutes

By Mercedes

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Are you among those women who have been experiencing thinning eyebrows? Are your eyebrows naturally thin and scanty? Well, welcome to the club. Is not rare to find more and more girls across the globe who have become tired of using brow pencils or primers to make their eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. If you too are among them and are looking for a solution that doesn’t need reapplication again and again, then say hello to WUNDERBROW. WUNDERBROW is a revolutionary new eyebrow thickening product which unlike your cosmetics and pencils, works naturally and in the most side-effect-free way. What is best is that this product helps you thicken your eyebrows in less than 2 minutes!

  • WUNDERBROW is the first of its kind eyebrow thickening product which is created using the Permafix technology and hair fiber science. Hair fibers are natural hair like strands which consist of Keratin protein. These fibers get attached to our natural hair to make hair growth appear thicker.
  • Until now, the hair fiber technology was being used to cover bald spots or to make scalp hair growth appear fuller. But now, with WUNDERBROW semi permanent eyebrows, this science is introduced to treat the problem of eyebrow thinning as well.


  • What is absolutely wonderful about WUNDERBROW is the fact that it provides instant results. Unlike solutions like eating nutrient rich foods and using hair oils, this product helps to make eyebrows appear fuller in less than 2 minutes. This means that you don’t have to wait for results to show.
  • Products like brow primers, brow oils and brow pencils may work well but they are difficult to use and apply. Moreover, their effect doesn’t remain for too long. But not only is WUNDERBROW easy to apply but its results remain for a long duration of time and sometimes even lasts for several days. It has a long staying formula which makes it budge proof, transfer proof and water proof. This means that you can use it wherever you are going and do not have to worry about it falling off or vanishing.


  • The presence of all natural ingredients and constituents makes this product even more useful and beneficial. It does not contain any harmful ingredients and thus has no side effects.
  • You can remove it whenever you want using an oil based cleanser.
  • Neither does it cause any irritation nor does it lead to rashes etc. it is extremely safe to use and can be used by females or males of any hair color. It is truly a universal product which serves multiple benefits. Another superb benefit of WUNDERBROW is that it hides the grey hair and hence hides signs of aging.
  • With an easy to apply method and formula, anyone can use this product with ease. Some color options available in this product are blonde and auburn, black and brown, and brunette. The size of the pack is 3 grams and the product is tagged at an extremely affordable price.

To get inspired, check out this before and after eyebrow shaping compilation made by Buzzfeed. A good eyebrow can change completely your style and expression. So what are you waiting for, get one for yourself today!


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