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Is fashion really dead?

By Mercedes

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Last march, forecasting guru Li Edelkoort talked to Dezeen about the end of fashion as we know it. She even published an Anti_Fashion Manifesto were she talks  in 10 points about what she means with “The fashion business is going to implode”. In Dezeen’s article, there was a bunch of commenters saying: “this is the same old same old …is dead to get attention.” But I feel that the manifesto has some interesting highlights to take note. For example, the extremely low prices of the clothes. She writes:

[blockquote_sty ver=”1″]Now that several garments are offered cheaper than a sandwich we all know and feel that something is profoundly and devastatingly wrong.[/blockquote_sty]

We’ve talked before about this overproduction and low prices of garments when talking about 3D printing and fashion. More than 50% of the garments produced and that you see in stores will be thrown away. But still we buy more clothes thanever, because clothes are cheaper than ever. “In 2013, Americans purchased 64 items per person, and when a piece of clothing can go from a sketch to the rack in as little as three weeks, that makes total sense. H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson said, “We have new garments coming into the stores almost every day, so if you go to an H&M store today and come back two days later, you will always find something new.” Also, we want to be on trend, so we’re willing to spend the money to do so.” writes Chrissy Mahlmeister referring in her article of last month in MTV website to the slightly dark commentary on the subject by John Oliver.

Buying more because it costs less. This short sentence has a lot of implications. The way we see fashion today, for example. That constant current of “new trends” and hypes to get the attention of the overwhelmed and more and more impassive customers. While some are guessing which one will be the next designer collaboration for H&M, the Swedish brand for example made a bold move working hand in hand with Sarah Jessica Parker to create a gown made of vintage fabric for the MET gala.

met-gala-tout “They found all these beautiful fabrics—really beautiful vintage fabrics and vintage pieces and hand dyed fabrics—and they used organic silk and cotton and tencel, and it’s been a really fun process.” said SJP to Yahoo. Making its way alongside luxury brands or launching a new beauty line, the brand infiltrates the news week in and week out. HM-Beauty-2015 Li Edelkoort says that consumers will “share clothes amongst each other since ownership doesn’t mean a thing anymore. They will rent clothes, lend clothes, transform clothes and find clothes on the streets.” If that is the case, and in the future people will be less interested in buying clothes, which one will be the strategy for the fast fashion giants? We keep our eyes open to see the transformation.

Because we do not believe fashion is dead. We believe that fashion is in the midst of its most revolutionary pivotal moment.

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