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Un arco iris de pasteles (y algunas palabras sobre el feminismo)

By Mercedes

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What kind of feminist are you? I dropped the question talking about it with a girl I had just met at an “speed-friending” event. The card read “feminist” and I was intrigued to know what that word meant to her. Of course she stared at me with a question mark on her forehead and choked a bit. The following 2 minutes until the bell rang were endless. I wanted to explain where the question came from, but it wasn’t that easy! Why I am telling you this story? It turns out that looking at what is going on in fashion, we see that since a while back a strong trend to dreamy, romantic and utopian worlds. And today that I thought I’d write a little about this style palette I thought: Am I contradicting myself? Pastel colors, of which we speak today and those romantic dresses, go against the renewed interest feminism and women’s rights? Can you be romantic and dreamy and at the same time be an independent woman with a good job and own ideas? I certainly think so. This post’s title speaks of the rainbow. A good way to tell we are multifaceted, that we can speak of many things that may seem contradictory but also be consistent. And it’s a good time to think so. Until not long ago, talking about feminism brought the image of angry women who hated men. “Something has changed radically since then.” said Alex Vincent in SMODA last November in an article on the growing interest of pop stars for this term. pasteles-romanticismo-vestido So back to fashion. To write this article, I was inspired by the good weather and warm evenings. The sun and the pastel colors go well together. The nicest, the washed and almost dirty tones of the rainbow. This new soft palette we saw in the collections of Chloé and its minimalism of the 70s, the boho influence of Emilio Pucci, Stella McCartney and her sporty style or the romanticism of Valentino. To bring this style to the street it is best to try mixing neutral colors such as beige or take a chance and wear it head to toe. An example would be wearing a long dress with volume combined with sandals with bows and with many slopes to combine. emilio-pucci-pastels If you’re tempted to wear this palette but you feel it will be a little too girly try mixing it with denim or leather: The look will change immediately. Or choose the lilac, a more neutral variation that looks great with a tanned skin like this dress by BCGMAXAZRIA. To complete the look add jewelry to complement the style, such as artisanal Unode50 accessories that combine well with maxi-dresses in these shades. collar-unode50 So what do you think? ¿Is it possible to talk about feminism and frills in the same post?

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