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Shoes we love: Petrucha

By Mercedes

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Founded by Anaid Cano and Josep Vila, Petrucha was born with the idea to make a “footwear in a way that was different from the conventional, more respectful of people and their surroundings”. The name is inspired by  Cano’s grandmother nickname, used by those who know her in an affectionate way. Anaid Cano is the responsible of the design while Josep Vila is in charge of the sales and development of the brand.

Petrucha shoes are simple, a bit rough but in a beautiful way. They are part of a new generation of Spanish shoemakers that make a twist to traditional designs, keeping the quality and the craftsmanship. They produce their shoes in their own workshop in the shoe capital of Spain, Alicante.

For us Petrucha is not just a shoe label but also a vehicle for change, a way of doing things in tune with our values and our feeling.

It represents a personal evolution, an attempt to live fashion and being professional in a human and conscious way, which adds something to people’s lives and gives meaning to their existence.

The founders have a strong believe in ethical and sustainable production. And they do it creating value instead of just products: “Petrucha has items that are far removed from collections, seasons and trends. They are continuity items, that never lose their value.” A part of this concept is that they create shoes that are unisex “We believe firstly in the essence of human beings and not in their gender. We identify with garments that don’t make a distinction based on gender. We see it as an evolutionary step denoting modernity.”

Petrucha as a brand with core values that are very much in tune with what is happening right now. The idea to be one with the environment, to seek to be equal with other humans, to be in the present and make the best of it. “I always try to be in the present, but if anything excites me about the future it is the thought of a world that is more human and healthier.” says Anaid.

If you want to know more about the brand, check out their website.

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