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Costume National + Marina Abramović

By Mercedes

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World-renowned contemporary performance artist Marina Abramović delivered an artistic experience for guests for an experience unlike any other awards season in Los Angeles, with live performances, 3-D video, Costume National fashion show and musical performance by Moby and cocktail hour DJ set by Elijah Wood. The entire evening was based on Abramović’s reflection of Heaven as a state of consciousness where light and dark meet. Guests (who included our own all time favourite James Franco) wore Costume National pajama robes and were seated in beds and fed TV dinners for the presentation– all a part of the artist’s relaxing conceptual art piece.

“HEAVEN was a visionary artistic experience and it allowed me to present a collection in a new creative environment far outside of traditional fashion shows,” said Ennio Capasa of Costume National. “To watch all the attendees wearing my pajamas while laying on beds was an unforgettable conceptual art piece.” 

 “I was eagerly awaiting the right moment to work with Ennio and Costume National, the genius of his aesthetic resides in his deep understanding of human forms and the flow of energy that fuels the creative process. Ennio and I do different things, but somehow we manage to connect with people in the same way.” Marina Abramović for WWD

Art, Fashion, Hollywood…Sounds very flashy, but at then all comes down to be calm and enjoy. Cheers to relax and ponder in style.

MARINA AND JAMES1 Jessica Roffey,  Ryan Kavanaugh,  Jennifer Howell and musician Rain Phoenix JENNIFER HOWELL, MARINA ABRAMOVIC, ENNIO CAPASA JENNIFER HOWELL, CHRISTOPHER KING AND GUEST Founder of The Art of Elysium, Jennifer Howell (L) and actor Elijah Wood Founder of The Art of Elysium Jennifer Howell (L) and actress Finola Hughes ctress Dawn Olivieri (L) and guest Composer Mark Mothersbaugh (L) and Anita Greenspan ara Santana (L) and Jesse Metcalfe Alfie Allen and  Kit Harington ( CN cape) Actress Paz de la Huerta (R) and guest Actors Rain Phoenix (L) and Joaquin Phoenix

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