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5 Amazing Textile Innovations

By Lina Rodriguez

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The Unseen: Air

Is the new collection of See the Unseen Studio where Lauren Bowker it’s founder, artist, textile designer and chemist developed next to her co-workers a wind reactive ink, which changes color upon contact with the air. “Intended to reveal the otherwise unseen turbulence surrounding the human as it goes about its environment.”

The collection was released in the London Fashion Week, where it stand out by the merge between design + science.


Camille Cortet: Transformations

Inspired by the animal transformations textile designer Camille Cortet develops a project called Transformations, textiles and accessories that have the ability not only to look like reptile skin but also adapt to their functional qualities.

“It begins with an exploration of transformations in the animal realm. Through three main themes, GROWTH, SEDUCTION AND DISGUISES, we discover visual and sensorial changes, which are the basis of my research.”

The project explores the possibilities used to re discover animal culture, while trying somehow to transform our culture to represent them in clothing and accessories.


Dahea Sun: Rain Palette

“How can rain indicate the quality of the air by location and time?”

Dahea Sun develops a collection in which the garments are dyed with natural dyes that react to the pH of the rain with color changes.

Through color changes each garment can provide a range of data about water quality that are directed towards a global database of “real time environmental data”. This way you can engage users through fashion to care and be interest about the environment.

“My intention is to have an easy and poetic approach to show the air condition through rainwater visually.”


Glitch Textiles: Binary data weaved textiles

Fragmented Memory is the name of this project that contrasts the softness of textiles with the strength and accuracy of machine technology.

Threads and yarns are woven by binary data processing machines, which is later transmitted as a picture and shaped by the machine in to patterns, colors and fabric strength.

“The project uses digital practices and processes to blur the lines between photography, data visualization, textile design, and computer science.”


Miriam Bäckström para Phillips

For some time the LEDs have been present in most industries, from interior design to advanced technology these small points of light have allow you to enjoy light without neglecting the environment.

Phillips does not want to be left behind in this LED innovation and launches a collection of luminous textiles with the artist Miriam Bäckström, collection that was launched in Kvadraft Showroom in Paris, creating an environment for a unique experience of light.

“I’m proud to see our design elements instantly adopted by leading artists to create such amazing interactive experiences.”

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