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Concept Stores & Fashion

By Lina Rodriguez

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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. It’s in the sky, in the street, has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

A quote by Coco Chanel that is perfectly represented in the concept stores. These shops that are closer to be art galleries than retail stores, are spaces that offer to their customers a huge variety of products and services. “They basically differ from the others in the “curation” behind their windows”, commented to me Marta Marín, trend analyst from Barcelona.

Colette was one of the pioneers in this concept, the owner Sarah Lerfel inaugurated the store at 213 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, since then Colette has become the largest display of music, art, new designers, brand’s limited editions, avant-garde clothing, beauty products, jewelry and even a water bar that offers the most delicious culinary inventions. The curation behind the brand has driven Colette to be a must destination for those looking for new trends in fashion and lifestyle.


As Colette new concept stores have emerged under different business models, also offering products of different areas of design as household items and furniture. This is the case of Merci, born under a model of “charity” by donating a portion of their profits to an educational foundation; just like Colette they drive new designers mostly in the area of ​​product offering a portfolio full of great inspiration and new ideas.

The Marais district in Paris is witnessing an explosion of trendy concept stores, books, culture and lifestyle. Just like Marais several districts in big cities like Mitte in Berlin are witnessing changes that are being created in response to the market behaviour, what people want is not only to to buy clothes, but a complete lifestyle. “And at the end of course everyone acts in response to the market” concludes Marta Marín.

8 Concept stores around the world you can’t miss

Colette, 213 Rue Saint – Honoré, Paris

Merci, 111 Boulevard Beumarchaise, Paris

The Broken Arm, 12 Rue Perrée, Paris

Andreas Murkudis, Postdamer Strasse 81E, Berlin

The Webster, 1220 Collins Avenue, Miami

Boo, Bonavista 2, Barcelona

LN-CC, 18 Schacklelwell Lane, London

Okura, 20-11 Sarugaku-cho, Tokyo


Pics Colette, Andreas Murkudis, Merci Paris

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