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Greate Eco-Jewelers

By Lina Rodriguez

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In recent years it has triggered a boom related to the environment, trends such as “eco-friendly” have been taken by designers who embody the eco soul in furniture, product and jewelry. In this case we show five designers or brands that appropriate the eco-jewelry at its best.


Ágústa Sveinsdóttir

 This Icelandic designer works in her Dust collection based on the insight: transformation and disintegration of the world. Using dust found in deserted farms as main material. Sveinsdóttir plays to give value by merging the dust with biodegradable adhesives that make it a cover layer of the metal forming the jewel itself, creating an equally transformable piece ” With time it withers away, revealing a manmade structure, a sort of skeleton within, giving the bearer a chance to savour every moment of its life span. It is a celebration of the fragile beauty that time and use impart to materials. “says Sveinsdóttir.


Profile Sveinsdóttir and its collection are available in


Heart and Noble

This jewelry firm based in London and New York launched its latest collection as part of Fashion Week NYC 2014, showing fluency in the use of reused materials like acrylic or metal. In this case The Acrylic Cable Tie Collection makes use of laser cutting and flexible thread to create shapes and patterns that with the color enhance the beauty of each piece, in the interview with Ecouterre, Gabriele it’s creator highlights ” It’s a celebration of industrial design, and the minds behind these remarkable creations, giving air play to beautifully, cleverly engineered objects that make our world function a little bit better, appreciating the underappreciated. ”

You can buy this amazing collection on their website.


Rose and Fitzgerald

This design studio based in Uganda works closely with local craftsmen to create jewelry pieces that unite spectacular craftsmanship and style. Using sustainable natural materials such as wood, cattle horn and recycled brass, they create unique and high quality pieces. ” Many of our products take days of patient, detailed work to complete, and pass through the hands of multiple artisans who offer different skills. This “labor of love” means that a product has been given the time and attention that many mass-produced products lack. “say Rose & Fitzgerald.

Its products and jewelry can be purchased at their website, where also explain the social responsibility of their work.


Moe Nagata

Since he’s appearance in the Milan Fashion Week this young designer has become a representative of the nature of tribal, combined with its great use of bark, lobster shells, and fish bones discarded by the food industry, Nagata spectacular compositions makes form, color and texture led to the development of completely blinding jewelery pieces. ” This collection is the ultimate celebration of nature and natural materials.” says Nagata in the interview with Ecouterre after explaining the process applied to the materials to achieve it’s contrasting finishes.

In the web page you can find his work and designs.


The Harbinger Co.

Thanks to new technologies meeting traditional craft techniques Harbinger Co. selection of materials such as recyclable or reusable bamboo, help them create pieces of jewelry full of style, simplicity, movement and geometry. ” We specialize in designing and making extraordinary products with ordinary materials. We strive to recreate everyday objects into classic treasures—pieces that feel good to the hands, nice to the eyes, and friendly to the environment.” they say.

His creations can be found in their web site.

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2 Thoughts to Greate Eco-Jewelers

  1. Jennine June 3, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    that lobster claw necklace is amazing!

  2. Mer June 3, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Yeah, that’s what I call statement necklace :-)