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Kuyichi + Jordi Cruz

By Mercedes

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The Dutch sustainable fashion brand Kuyichi brings us this interview with Jordi Cruz, the young Catalan chef with three Michelin stars as part of its “Cool & Conscious People” series. Kuyichi was founded in 2001 and since then they promote with their products fashion without “preservatives or dyes.” No chemicals or labor exploitation. Kuyichi founders see sustainability as their mission.

In this interview, Cruz tells us his views on sustainability


At age seven, you knew you wanted to become a chef, you got your first job as a cook at age 14 and earned your first Michelin star when you were 24 years old. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

From the 14 years I have not moved from a kitchen so that in 10 years I hope to still be in it. But with more ability to enjoy everyday things in life that I have not yet had time to devote. Everything happened so fast.

What had a bigger impact on your career: earning 3 Michelin stars or participating in Masterchef?

The 3-star Michelin are linked to a life, work, perseverance, dedication and responsibility. Started in the restaurant “Estany Clar” Cercs (Barcelona) and is following in AbaC. In Masterchef I have gained visibility also very important in my career national level, but being aware of what is happening in each moment not stop keep our feet on the ground and continue to devote rest of the time in the kitchen.

Is sustainability important in your restaurant? For instance, do you use organic products? If so, is this a personal conviction or based on customer preferences?

It’s a personal and consistent decision. We work with seasonal ingredients, the menu changes every week depending on the orchard each time. There are conscious customers who value the origin of the raw material, but not all are aware. So the work of the head of the room and mine is also talk of our values ​​and open up consciousness.

Do you think the health-food trend is a short term hype or a lasting trend?

For people who are aware durable because it has more information about what is right and wrong, but we think that there is much consumer would not even debate and this is where the work of each and every one in their specialty is.

 One of KUYICHI’s key messages is go beyond the romantic ideal. What are your ideals?

I do not believe in ideals but in consciousness and judgment. People Loading of the world, people are not aware of it. I must be missing responsibility.

I appreciate what I do and what I choose.


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