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Sailor made 2014 by p[pi:]

By Mercedes

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A very special collection by p[pi:]. The hand-drawn illustrations give the bags an innocent and personal touch, and transform them into unique pieces. Cristina says of her new designs:

This season we emphasize even more the handmade nature of our bags , incorporating drawing and freehand painting on leather . Not the first time we used these elements into our work but the first time they are the most important elements of the collection.

The compositions , different in every bag , make each piece one of a kind.

The combination of two passions, making bags and drawing, make the work process becomes intense, interesting and fun. And we hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them .

We propose three very different lines : The SAILOR line , classic sailor stripes painted on leather and combined with natural leather. G handbags , decorative fretwork element are painted on natural leather and combined with black leather. They have a more ethnic tone bit. And finally the DRAWINGS are the little gems of the collection. Rather than bags decorated or printed, we see them as drawings purse.

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Images by Catalina Pérez.

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