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By Mercedes

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Just blink and levitate objects. Just move your fingertips and open your door”. Fake eyelashes that can move objects, conductive make-up to control mobile devices or acrylic nails to switch smartphones are some of the innovative products designed by Katia Vega, a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

When we talk about wearable technology, instantly we think about clothes. But of course, we forget the endless opportunities that make-up can bring. Picture yourself activating the world around you with just the blink of an eye. Not only would it add fun to everyday experiences, but imagine the opportunities it would create for people with disabilities.

To see the one of the products in action for example, check out Sentido Aware, a collaborative project with artist Elen Nas. In this opera, sound effects and visualizations are activated with her fingernails dipped into the water.

Vega claims to be in talks with cosmetics lines for commercial use of the technology, so we are looking forward to the next generation of make-up products! More in

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