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Royal Caballito AW13 “Hielo”

By Mercedes

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This collection feels fun and cozy, isn’t it? For her new collection, Diana Saldaña was mostly inspired by images of snow and cold sun light. Diana imagined a girl wearing the new pieces from HIELO and feeling really happy in her skin – inside and outside. What a great starting point! The pieces show a clear evolution from Royal Caballito’s first collection, looking forward to see more!

royal-caballito-aw139 royal-caballito-aw138 royal-caballito-aw137 royal-caballito-aw136 royal-caballito-aw135 royal-caballito-aw134 royal-caballito-aw133 royal-caballito-aw132 royal-caballito-aw131 royal-caballito-aw13

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1 Thought to Royal Caballito AW13 “Hielo”

  1. straphalariolist October 6, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Original puesta en escena. Confort versus hielo.