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Daniel Silverstain X Muuse

By Mercedes

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Israelí designer Daniel Silverstain has just launched his capsule collection for the emergent designer’s platform Muuse. Minimalistic and geometric, the designs are inspired by the Manhattan city grid. Living in New York, this student of Fashion Institute of Technology was fascinated by the lines and structure of the city’s layout. New York’s old “Grid-Plan” (the original 1811 city plan) became his starting point and then he added Asian influences and his memories from Tel Aviv to create the garments. In a monochromatic palette using simple lines, they represent two strong characteristics of the city: multiculturalism and individualism. Conceptual and beautiful. I specially love the dress, unique! Available here.


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1 Thought to Daniel Silverstain X Muuse

  1. straphalariolist June 19, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Fantástica colección, Manhattan una buenísima inspiración.