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Bleu de Chauffe’s “Scott” – Inspired by Scott Fitzgerald’s original bag

By Mercedes

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A request by a faithful customer was the inspiration for this elegant modern version of the Scott Fitzgerald’s bag. Evan was looking for a handbag to offer to his girlfriend’s for her birthday (she’s a writer). Keeping an eye on the internet for this special present, he bumped into a very single item: Scott Fitzgerald’s genuine bag, embossed with his name and address. He asked for it and they delivered: Bleu de Chauffe’s “Scott”, a new writer’s bag. The French brand also offers the possibility to personalize your bag by embossing your initials. Nice! (Don’t forget to get the patina, that only happens if you actually use it…a lot! Inspiring, isn’t it?).

le-sac-de-l-ecrivain-scott-pain-brule- (1)

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le-sac-de-l-ecrivain-scott-pain-brule-  le-sac-de-l-ecrivain-scott-pain-brule- (2)

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