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Creativity is always an ongoing process, that sometimes needs a tad bit of help. That was the starting point for the last post I did for the Absolut Mode Society website that talks about tools to boost our creative talents. One of them was Fashionary, a tailor-made sketchbook not only for fashion designers, but bloggers, styling artists and fashionistas who use it to plan their outfits.

“The idea of creating Fashionary popped up when I was discussing with my girlfriend on how difficult to draw consistent figures with our fastest pace.’If semi transparent templates were on every page of the sketchbook, we could focus on our designs without considering the proportion of figures.’ What’s more, we all want a handy sketchbook that provides useful technical information for reference. So, I decided to create Fashionary which is tailor-made for fashion designers.” told me recently the creator Penter Yip. What I think: A useful tool that may come in handy now that is fashion week season ;-)


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