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Yuki Fujisawa – Soft Degradés

By Mercedes

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Google translates the words of this young textile designer’s like this:

We want to like soft pleasure to have dazed look, the expression of escapism.
Have always dreamed of a beautiful world in the fantastic reality and delusion among daily and non daily.

Even though the translation may be not completely accurate, I understand the idea. Her soft gradients on silk make me dream of warm summer afternoons, watching the clouds passing by, maybe in a space without time or latitudes. Yuki Fujisawa is 22 and a textile student at at Tama University of Arts in JAPAN. Check her website here and after the jump.

Google nos traduce así la inspiración de esta joven diseñadora:

Queremos gusta el placer suave para tener mirada aturdida, la expresión de escapismo.
Siempre había soñado con un mundo hermoso en la realidad fantástica y la ilusión entre los diarios todos los días y no.

Incluso cuando la traducción es un poco pobre, puedo entender la idea. Sus suaves degradés en seda me hacen soñar con tibias tardes de verano mirando pasar las nubes, quizás en un espacio sin tiempo, ni latitudes. Yuki Fujisawa tiene 22 años y es una estudiante de diseño textil en la Universidad de Tama, Japón. Puedes ver más en su  web y después del salto.

I always express “Invisible” by textile.
“Invisible” is the thing to exist as a concept, not be touched.
for example heart,sentiment,time.

Making by hand is most important in my work.
I believe that making by hand,and dwells in strength to the material.
I think by its strength, it is will be possessed to the textile the “invisible” – Yuki Fujisawa


“AMAKUMO (Clouds in the sky)”
concept “partition of emotion” Inspiration from the waka.

【 天雲の たなびく山の 隠りたる 我が下心 木の葉知るらむ 】
(Such as the drifting clouds hide the mountain, my true feelings hidden.
But only one will known the my true feelings that is leaves of the
mountain hidden clouds.)

waka is Japanese poem.
It have a ‘cant’ and very sensitive.
and Japanese often hide one’s opinion.

This textile art expresses such as Japanese heart.
Transparent cloth (this case is tulle) was printed opaque ink by
silkscreen printing.
There are gold foil print and gritter print.

And tulle was dyed different color tops and bottoms.
So this visual is vague as if the opinion. –Yuki Fujisawa


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2 Thoughts to Yuki Fujisawa – Soft Degradés

  1. Anna July 17, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    love it

  2. nenuka paradise July 23, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    super delicados, super bonitos, me encanta la falda!