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Rec 02

By Mercedes

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Next Thursday start this 3 day marathon of “radical” prices (as the organisation says) called Rec 02. 25 brands participate, including Txell Miràs, Josep Abril, Miriam Ponsa or Cooked in Barcelona. The pop up stores will be in the typical old tanneries of the Rec (irrigation ditch in catalan) neighborhood in Igualada, a city 1h away by car from Barcelona. See you there!

Este jueves comienza la maratón de 3 días de precios “radicales” (como dicen sus organizadores) llamada Rec 02. Participan 25 marcas, incluyendo Txell Miràs, Josep Abril, Miriam Ponsa o Cooked in Barcelona. Los pop up stores estarán dentro de las antiguas curtiembres del barrio Rec (acequia) de Igualada. Nos vemos allí!

Txell Mirás

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