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Alpargatas, espadrilles, espandreños

I bet you have your own private routine that signals to yourself the beginning of spring or summer. It could be the first glass of a special beverage you buy, the first “clara” for example at a terrace with friends or maybe…some special shopping spree. Buying espadrillos is one of my routines. I love this […]

Our View – Fresh Fish Gothenburg 2012

Between trips and new projects I’m having quite a dose of Swedish fashion lately. Last weekend turn was the Fresh Fish Fair and Competition in Gothenburg. This fair featured the work of young designers and students from all of Sweden and it was pleasant to see a high quality in the designs.  There were definitely some high notes to […]

The Art-Deco Sandal: Surface2Air SS12

This design is absolutely beautiful. Art Deco inspired, these sandals are a perfect and hip option for the 1920s obsession of this spring. By Surface2Air €406.37  

United Nude – Fold Hi Tapestry

While I was never a big fan of this brand (due specially for their classic “eamz” model), I think these new designs are fun and sophisticated at the same time. The Fold and Helix collection specially. If you ask me, though, I would definately erase that logo from the design…especially  in the Ray model, I think […]

Lucila Iotti 2011

It’s great to see how this new generation of shoe designers is creating a new identity, innovating and, at the same time, continuing with traditional craftsmanship and techniques that otherwise might disappear. Argentinean Lucila Iotti is one of them. She started her brand in 2007 and today is considered a classic of Buenos Aires. With her […]

In love with…About Arianne Shoes

Don’t you just love when you find the perfect sandal? Well, I just did! These sandals are amazing! Made in Alicante (where most of  the Spanish experts of high quality shoes are) About Arianne is all about allure and comfort. Visit their brand new website, or go to their online shop to buy thesebeauties. … […]

Heavy Machine SS11

Heavy Machine is a Taiwanese brand and the dream of two young Taiwanese girls, Michelle and Yoyo. The team has developed a unique approach to design – using shoes to keep track of each step of their lives. Instead of writing a diary, they sketch and draw. In a sense, Michelle and Yoyo allow their customers a […]

Ana Locking Colección Zapatos Primavera 2011

The new collection of Ana Locking‘s shoes looks amazing. In their own words: The collection consists of shoes formally constructivist lines that create spaces of freedom, leaving the skin to the eye, clutching on a heel in this case is a real needle. Made from a combination of python and webs provide a special attraction for a spring full of energy and vibrant colors. I love the shapes and the colours…Not so sure about the needles in my feet though, I should try them on to see… what about you? […]

A perfect colour combination – Chloé 2011

I LOVE this combination of beige and red, I like the minimal approach and the girly, breezy skirt. Me encanta esta combinación de beige y rojo, lo mínimo del outfit combinado con esta falda femenina, llena de movimiento. Image Chloé SS11

Illuminated Heels -Zapatos Iluminados

What do you think about light and footwear?. These fiber optic illuminated shoes are part of Anastasia Radevich’s Kinetik 2011 collection, and I find them pretty amazing! This cutting-edge design were screaming for an addition of light, as you can see in the pages of her sketchbook. Qué opinan sobre mezclar luz con calzado? Estos zapatos […]