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Sputnik Zurich – Kickstarter

If you are a commuter and use a bike you may want to take part of this Swiss project. Sputnik Zurich is a brand founded by two architects, Chelsea and Stefanie, that wanted to create a product that was all about safety and design. They are currently campaigning in Kickstarter to get funds for their […]

Arlette Ess – Drawing Dreams

After working at Alexander McQueen, Swiss designer, London based Arlette Ess decided to start her own accessories label. She creates prints and products that stand out because of their intellectual elegance. Like the scarf you see above, a beautiful piece called ‘sleeping dogs’, that reminded me somehow of Escher’s paintings. So when I learned a […]

Silk Scarves by Julie Egli

Scarves! You can’t have enough of them. Sometimes you find instant classics, like the ones of Julie Egli, a Swiss textile designer based in Zurich. Egli works freelance and two years ago she began work on her own collection of printed silk scarves. The prints are beautiful and you can see some Mediterranean influence in some of […]