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Vava eyewear – deceleration, purism and metaphysics

When we think about eco-friendly sunglasses we tend to have the picture of wood sunglasses, isn’t it? Vava is a brand that work with eco-friendly standards but doesn’t specially look “eco”. All the glasses are recyclable and biodegradable, and they are the first eyewear brand to apply sustainable materials accross its product range. Interesting, isn’t it? Their […]

Dior So Real Sunglasses

The latest Dior sunglasses have an architectural inspiration that make them spectacular and very easy to combine with all types of outfits. The retro/futuristic inspiration, and the irregular but balanced shape is also perfect for all kind of faces. The linear mirrored lenses (a cool detail) make them unique and gives a counterpoint for a […]

Sunpocket sunglasses en España

This brand it’s not precisely new, in fact, it is 25 years old, and after many years of sweet lethargy, they are back. Originally  a French brand, it is now in the hands of the Swedes. The person responsible for the comeback is Jacob Höglund, who found a pair of forgotten Sunpockets in the family summer […]

E&E Sunglasses – A Swedish Love Story Shop

“Our inspiration comes partly from the Swedish fashion arena when we are in the process of making our spectacles. The stylishness that are deeply rooted in Swedish design, we want to turn spectacles into an accessory that can be worn by everybody everyday. Throughout the Nordic culture and our design we aim to map out […]