Last sunday The Guardian dedicated an entire article to them: The Ugly Shoes. “Forget dainty kitten heels or towering stilettos” writes Hanna Marriot. “The sandal to be seen in this spring is the “ugly shoe“: footwear that is hefty, flat and defiantly unsexy.” A new and unexpected trend that is all about comfort, and that goes hand in hand with the Normcore idea, that is “about letting go of the need to look distinctive.”

But are these specimens truly ‘indistinctive’? Let’s take for example the new sandals by Danish designer Stine Goya in collaboration with H2O. What do they say to you? Does the rubber and gold mix scream “I don’t want to stand out” or do they do exactly the opposite?

“Normcore wants the freedom to be with anyone. To be truly normcore, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as normal.” Maybe trying to make slippers with socks fashionable is exactly the opposite of the normcore concept…just a thought.