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Kiss Me Stupid! Brian Atwood by Donald Robertson

You may know Donald Robertson for his funny, fashion-themed sketches. Last year Robertson paired with footwear designer Brian Atwood to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society creating a limited edition book and shoes and all the proceeds benefited the charity.

Now you can buy your pair from February 14th here. There are three models to choose from,, Gitte and the over-the-top Sterling.

“I had been a huge fan of his work, and I was interested in seeing how he would interpret my work,” Brian Atwood to

Brian Atwood by Donald Robertson_available exclusively at

Brian Atwood_TIE ME UP LIPS_in esclusiva su Brian Atwood_STERLING LIPS_in esclusiva su Brian Atwood_GITTE LIPS_in esclusiva su Brian Atwood by Donald Robertson_available exclusively at

Cool Tech Shoes

Wearable Tech was once considered something of science fiction. Not anymore. Today is a palpable and thriving reality. Fashion and technology are more and more connected and interested in providing innovative solutions to consumers. The recent hires of Apple confirm this trend: over the past few months the company has added to its team executives from major fashion brands, such as Angela Ahrendts (former Burberry CEO), Paul Deneve (former  YSL CEO), Catherine Monier (former president of  YSL Europe), Musa Tariq (former Social Media Senior Director of  Nike), or Patrick Pruniaux from Tag Heuer (something that confirmed the suspicions that Apple is working on some kind of cool digital wristwatch).

To show how this “partnership” is transforming everyday items, we made a selection of 6 shoes that have the technology as a differential.


Float by United Nude

United Nude, famous for its modern style founded by architect Rem Koolhaas, has embraced the potential of technology developing bold creation: shoes that are printed entirely by a 3D printer. Launched in partnership with 3D Systems company, they can be made at home with the Cube 3D printer.


Lechal Footwear

In order to help visually impaired people or people who need support to locate, the Lechal shoes have intelligent insoles enable with GPS tracking that vibrate to indicate the way you should go. As a bonus, the shoes also has a monitor of physical activity.


Adidas Micropacer OG

Adidas launched the Micropacer in 1984, the first running shoe in the world to incorporate technological elements, able to calculate distance, speed and calories lost. To celebrate 30 years of this invention, the brand has relaunched this month its innovative shoes, keeping the same colors and features, but incorporating technical improvements to give more comfort to the runners.


Sneaker II by Recreus

Shoes that besides being made ​​by a 3D printer, fit in your pocket. Today this is a reality thanks to the company Recreus, known to produce an exclusive filament to 3D printers, capable of bending without losing its original format. The model of the shoe, designed by Ignacio Garcia, is available for free download at the website of the company.


Lauren Tree Sandal by Continuum

Continuum has been a pioneer in linking fashion and 3D printing. Among the many shoes created by the brand with this technology, one in particular stands out: the Lauren sandal, whose inspiration comes from the organic forms of nature. A proof that innovation does not always need a futuristic aesthetic.


The Ninja

A shoe that at first glance seems simple, but that hides a lot of technology: The Ninja weighs less than 130 grams, repels water and is extremely comfortable. The shoes were born as a project of The UT.LAB and were funded by a crowd funding campaign – where they raised 10 times more than necessary for funding.

Swedish Hasbeens + A beautiful Mess

These cool designs are the latest collaboration of the shoe brand Swedish Hasbeens with the top bloggers Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. The limited edition duo of clogs is brings in the spirit of DIY that permeates the blog, incorporating the hole punched heart design in both pairs, as it is one of their favorite techniques to use in their own crafts.

A super girly collaboration available here

swedish-hasbeens-blogs swedish-hasbeens-clogs swedish-hasbeens swedishhasbeens

Naguisa & Alexandre Neddermann


The Spanish footwear brand Naguisa and Alexandre Neddermann have collaborated to create this limited edition of Esparto sneakers. Alexandre Nedderman are Carola Neddermann Masjuan and Grace Alba, two fashion designers that met studying at IED Barcelona and who started this project perking each other to create a brand together.


Some of their clothes are limited editions of vintage prints fabrics. This is the case of the fabric used for Poolside SS14 collection. Three meters of this printed fabric have been reserved for Naguisa. With them, Naguisa produced a series of 30 pairs of model Andante Drop SS14 collection which can be found at their online store or at Carola Alexandre Masjuan’s store Ivori.


Blue inspiration – Rejina Pyo dress

Rejina Pyo is a South Korean designer based in London. In 2012 she was the winner of Han Nefkens Fashion Award and has worked for several luxury brands before launching her own brand last year. This printed silk dress is from her first collection.

Dress Rejina Pyo

Shoes Deux Souliers

Sunglasses Linda Farrow

Bag Chloe Stanyon

The Cool Everyday

Just a pretty selection of special items for the everyday. I actually have this black dress and I can tell you that not only the quality is amazing, but it is one of those garments that you can dress up and down very easy.

Shoes by About Arianne

Dress by Revisited Matters

Cuff by Winden

Ring by Fay Andrada

Leather Tote by Cold Picnic

Booties (on sale!) by Rachel Comey

Ipanema Sandals


Sun, beach, swimmingpool … three little magic words of this time of the year. And if you are looking shoes for the pool, for example, one of the brands that have good designs is Ipanema.

The neighborhood of the spectacular beach of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the inspiration behind this innovative line of shoes. The designs combine the relaxed lifestyle by the sea with the sophisticated glamor of the city. Flip-flops and sandals made ​​exclusively of recycled and sustainable materials, they also have some models that are far enough from the typical “flip-flop”.

For something more sophisticated, for example, Gisele Bündchen‘s collection , who works with the brand since 2002, includes details such as butterflies and flowers in shades of tan or bronze. They even have a model with details of “studs” that is fine.

In the redesigned web you can find models at a great price. Follow the link here. In addition Dscuento can help you find plenty of promotional codes to buy online at thousands of stores, (including Asos). Worth a look before jumping to buy on the web for some bargain hunting.