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The Yoga Edit

Yoga is one of the best activities to improve your physical and mental health. We selected some of the best products inspired by yoga to get you inspired to take action or to change your wardrobe if you are already a savvy yogui.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

The place: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

Located across the bay from Nassau, Bahamas, this yoga paradise is the perfect place to relax, rest and yoga practice, or at least it is so according to Tripadvisor. Surrounded by idillic white sand beaches, this Yoga Retreat offers an interesting combination of a traditional ashram with the feel of a Caribbean resort. Photo


The Bag: Nina Yoga

Nina Adams is a certified yoga teacher in Barcelona, Spain who wanted to create a yoga bag that was personal, practical and beautiful, and so she designed these handmade bags that have have a personal story in their designs. The creation process is for Nina like meditation: she puts all her love and concentration in it. Available here


The clothes: Wellicious

Founded by a self-confessed fashionista, Heike Schnell, Wellicious is still one of my favourite brands for yoga (and pilates). Using luxury and organic fabrics soft to the touch, they always have a design twist that makes them special, the type of clothing that you can use even before or after the session. Wellicious garments are ethically made in Europe to maintain high working standards and low air miles, and also supports a number of social projects.


The New Thing: Tera Intelligent Yoga mat

Tera is a yoga mat a bit different than the typical yoga mats in the market. Designed by Lunar, it’s surface is embedded with sensors and a constellation of LED lights. Those sensors track pressure and shifts in body movement, making Tera like a giant touch pad that records data, and then uses said data to cue patterns in the lights, designed to guide your stance and posture. A rug that would be also your personal trainer. The mat is still a concept “and is the third in a line of interactive gym equipment pieces from Lunar’s European office.” It would be amazing to see how it works in person. Via Wired

Acne Jeans Resort 2012

Looking at these images, can only make me think about:

  1. I love the palette
  2. Nice proportions
  3. I’m happy to see capri length pants
  4. More happy to see no skinny jeans
  5. Not so sure of the confirmation of the “dress over pants” revival…even when this outfits look more than fresh, tasteful and I love the layers…We’ve seen this trend “evolve” on the street: it had too much to do with “comfort”…

Mirando estas imágenes, sólo puedo pensar:

  1. Me encanta la paleta
  2. Buenas proporciones
  3. Me gusta ver pantalones capri
  4. Más me gusta no ver skinny jeans
  5. No estoy tan segura que se confirme el revivir la tendencia “vestidos sobre pantalones”…incluso cuando estos outfits se ven frescos, de buen gusto y me encantan las capas…Hemos visto como esta tendencia “evolucionó” en el pasado…finalmente, tenía demasiado que ver con sentirse…”cómoda”.