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Empowering Women Through Fashion

There is no doubt that the fashion industry has its reputation damaged whenever there is a public complaint of an illegal or unethical work. On the other hand, we must recognize the existence of noble initiatives in this sector: many companies not only provide adequate working conditions but also go beyond, developing projects to help […]

Misericordia SS12

This is the new collection of Misericordia, the first Peruvian brand of clothing present on the international fashion scene. The clothes are ethically produced in the Misericordia workshop in Lima called “La Cabaña de Alta Costura Misericordia”, by a team of forty designers lead by Aurelyen, the brain behind this project. An art enthusiast, photographer and self-taught […]

Moonchild SS12 The Holy Mountain

This video features a preview of the Spring/Summer collection of the French brand Moonchild. As we’ve seen in their last winter collection, the brand remains inspired by native American emblems, and stretches into psychedelic art embodied by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s esoteric imagery and Aldous Huxley‘s mystical books.