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Designers Remix by Charlotte Eskildsen – London Fashion Week

Designers Remix is one of the Danish brands that I tend to follow every season. I find their garments fun, sophisticated and at the same time very wearable. The spring/summer collection have some pieces I think are lovely, like the tunic dress or jacket on the left. Last February, with the autumn collection they presented […]

Rundholz SS11

Rundholz is a German brand that looks interesting as an option to dress uniquely no matter your age or size. On the one hand it’s style has this Japanese heritage and on the other this rough feeling more in tune with the old west Germany buildings. I like how they work for diverse body types […]

Stine Goya AW11

I love Danish designer Stine Goya prints. fotos Copenhagen Fashion Week®

Ida Johansson – Intergalactic Intestines

It is always a pleasure to meet Ida, she welcomes me with a smile and sparkling eyes that reveals a curious mind. We chatted recently about her new projects and collection. You may remeber her as the winner of the ModaFad in 2008 or her collection in El Ego de Cibeles for example. Es siempre un placer encontrarte con Ida, te recibe con una sonrisa y […]

080 Barcelona Fashion…una petita selection

And thankfully, the note of colour by the 080 prize winner for man and woman collection, Krizia Robustella… Y afortunadamente, la nota de color de la ganadora del premio 080 para colecciones hombre y mujer de Krizia Robustella…

The Backyard (handmade jewelry)

It’s a wonderful thing, this blogging world. It’s wonderful because you get to know so many creative people. This time I am talking about Tamara. She has this great blog, writes for several fashion magazines, AND she is actually a fashion designer. These are the first pieces of a numerated series of necklaces. Made by hand, […]

Libélula de Eleonor de Casanovas

Sunny winter day +  my sweetest pendant by Eleonor de Casanovas. Día soleado en Barcelona + mi colgante mas dulce de Eleonor de Casanovas

Snake&Molting by Camille Cortet (Your leggings are alive)

I find this work of french designer Camille Cortet immensely  poetic. The designer based in Amsterdam (with BA from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009) is inspired by nature and the “animal culture” . In this project “Transformations”, she makes a parallelism between animals and humans, translating things that can enrich our own way of express through clothing and adorment. […]

Matalafria (Cold Killing)

Matalafria is a Barcelona based knitwear brand. Their main concept is to manufacture durable knit garments with an emphasis on quality and craftmanship. Antonio Calderón, the man behind this brand, loves to work with wool -a material he knows very well- because as he puts it: “It gives me the chance to work with volume […]

Rec 02

Next Thursday start this 3 day marathon of “radical” prices (as the organisation says) called Rec 02. 25 brands participate, including Txell Miràs, Josep Abril, Miriam Ponsa or Cooked in Barcelona. The pop up stores will be in the typical old tanneries of the Rec (irrigation ditch in catalan) neighborhood in Igualada, a city 1h […]