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Stine Goya X H2O – One of those ‘ugly shoes’


Last sunday The Guardian dedicated an entire article to them: The Ugly Shoes. “Forget dainty kitten heels or towering stilettos” writes Hanna Marriot. “The sandal to be seen in this spring is the “ugly shoe“: footwear that is hefty, flat and defiantly unsexy.” A new and unexpected trend that is all about comfort, and that goes hand in hand with the Normcore idea, that is “about letting go of the need to look distinctive.”

But are these specimens truly ‘indistinctive’? Let’s take for example the new sandals by Danish designer Stine Goya in collaboration with H2O. What do they say to you? Does the rubber and gold mix scream “I don’t want to stand out” or do they do exactly the opposite?

“Normcore wants the freedom to be with anyone. To be truly normcore, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as normal.” Maybe trying to make slippers with socks fashionable is exactly the opposite of the normcore concept…just a thought.


Daniel Silverstain X Muuse


Israelí designer Daniel Silverstain has just launched his capsule collection for the emergent designer’s platform Muuse. Minimalistic and geometric, the designs are inspired by the Manhattan city grid. Living in New York, this student of Fashion Institute of Technology was fascinated by the lines and structure of the city’s layout. New York’s old “Grid-Plan” (the original 1811 city plan) became his starting point and then he added Asian influences and his memories from Tel Aviv to create the garments. In a monochromatic palette using simple lines, they represent two strong characteristics of the city: multiculturalism and individualism. Conceptual and beautiful. I specially love the dress, unique! Available here.


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A beautiful dress and interview with Danish designer Laura Baruël

When I saw the work of Danish artist and designer Laura Baruël for the first time, I was intrigued by the organic quality of the ideas and designs. To mimic and connect with nature is a concept that has been explored by many artistic movements along the years, from Art Nouveau to the hippie days. Today when we talk about nature and design it always has an “eco” label connected to it somewhere, but in Baruël’s case it is more about a truly and profound inspiration to work between the boundaries of design, craft, set design and art.

Her experimental pieces and ready wear garments have above all an aesthetic and spiritual virtue. Her last spring collection, Flora 1, has beautiful prints in silk dresses, inspired by her fascination with botanics and the Scandinavian summer landscapes. One way of getting your hands on a dress is through the fashion platform Muuse, who’s selling one of them on demand (they have to receive at least 20 orders to produce it) at €235. A great way of having a unique piece at a more than reasonable price.

I asked Laura Baruël some questions about her inspiration, and here is what she said:


Laura Baruël - Camille Silk Dress - Pre-Order- 235€ (was 335€)

As a designer and artist, we’ve seen that your work is always inspired by nature, for example in your last collection “Flora 1”. Can you tell us more about what you find fascinating about translating the world of nature to your designs?
I grew up in the country side in a beautiful island in the southern part of Denmark. I always felt very confident and alive in the natural wilderness and with animals. I still have the feeling that all the senses are very awake in a natural environment and somehow I keep being inspired by nature, both visually and intellectually.

Could you tell us more about your work process? Do you go places to get inspired? Is there a story behind the collections?
I very often get inspiration from travelling. The collection FLORA is a part og a larger project that has to do with Nordic flora and landscape. I did the print motives while I stayed in Fiskars in Finland. A wonderfull little creative place in the middle of the woodlands. Very inspiring :)

What are your preferred materials to work with and why?
I love to work with silk. Its just amazingly beautiful and it is a great material to use for print motives.

What is your opinion on trends?
Trends are in my opinion interesting signs that tells about what people think and feel at certain times – for better or worse. Clothing can be a really important tool for self expression. I take it quite seriously.

Could you tell us your most inspiring place in Copenhagen?
At the moment I am very fond of the Museum of natural history in Copenhagen – geology, but Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen has a new exhibition called ” Rococomania” and thats the place to go if you have time in Copenhagen.

Plans for the future?
Right now I just finnished a huge installation project “Mountainscape” and I am gong to take a rest! I am very satisfied, and very tired from working hard, even though I have had great assistants. I will be going to Finland again this July to focuse on my work with Nordic flora. Can’t wait!

Last week was the inauguration of the exhibition “Rococo manía” at the Design Museum Denmark, an exhibition that “reflect on the commonalities in the past and present” for which Baruël presented an interesting installation among other two Danish designers Anne Damgaard and Nikoline Liv Andersen. From May 3 until September 2012.

"Mountainscape", Laura Baruël, 2012. Exhibition ‘Rokoko-mania’ at Designmuseum Danmark
"Mountainscape", Laura Baruël, 2012. Exhibition ‘Rokoko-mania’ at Designmuseum Danmark

Backstage photos by Amanda Hestehave


SuTurno + id02

Love this collar from SuTurno for id02Today they’ll introduce the project  in Madrid at  DO, Calle Fernando VI 13, Madrid, from 19,00 hrs. And on other news from the brand, their beautiful patterns has recently been shown at Baum und Pferdgarden designs at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Gorgeous.

Me encanta este collar de SuTurno para id02Hoy jueves 23 presentan el proyecto en DO, Calle Fernando VI 13, Madrid, a partir de las 19,00 hrs. Y entre otras de las noticias de la marca, los bonitos estampados de SuTurno se han visto hace poco en diseños de Baum und Pferdgarden en la Copenhagen Fashion Week. Guapísimo.


Designers Remix by Charlotte Eskildsen – London Fashion Week

Designers Remix SS11

Designers Remix is one of the Danish brands that I tend to follow every season. I find their garments fun, sophisticated and at the same time very wearable. The spring/summer collection have some pieces I think are lovely, like the tunic dress or jacket on the left.

Last February, with the autumn collection they presented for the first time at the London Fashion Week. It’s point of departure was the Palais Royal in Paris, the Tulleries and the striped columns in the courtyard by abstract minimalist Daniel Buren. The contrast between these extreme styles were represented in ruffles, folds, and asymmetrical pieces. While some of the garments were at some point a bit overworked (like the dress in the second photo), I absolutely loved the silk pants and the tailored jacket.

Designers Remix es una de las marcas danesas que me gusta seguir cada temporada. Sus prendas son divertidas, sofisticadas y a la vez muy ponibles. La colección primavera/verano tiene algunas prendas que son preciosas, como el vestido túnica o la chaqueta de la izquierda.

En febrero pasado presentaron por primera vez la marca en la semana de la moda de Londres. El punto de partida de la colección fué el Palais Royal de Paris, el jardín de Tulleries y las columnas del artista minimalista Daniel Buren. El contraste entre estos estilos extremos se representó en volantes, pliegues y asimetrías. Mientras algunas piezas estaban un poco sobrecargadas para mi gusto (como el vestido de la segunda foto), me encantaron los pantalones de seda y la estructurada chaqueta.






Vibe Harsløf Accesories

I  loved the nacklace of this outfit when I saw it in  Stil In Berlin.  Vibe Harsløf is the brand behind it and they are based in Copenhagen. They have some more fun pieces like this one. For more info visit their site.

Había visto esta foto de Stil in Berlín, y me encantó el detalle del collar. La marca se llama Vibe Harsløf, es danesa y para mas información, esta es su web.

(*Celebrating 6 months of no smoking – Celebrando los 6 meses sin fumar)

Copenhagen Fashion Week-all the shows


Collections SS10


Mientras esperamos los reportes de Tamara de la semana de la moda danesa que arrancó ayer, aquí os dejo el link para no perderse ningún detalle de una de mis ciudades favoritas. Y es que los daneses también se apuntan a la tendencia de emitir en vivo todo el evento. Lo podeís ver en este link

Check out the life shows of Copenhagen Fashion Week, here. Without doubt, one of my favorite cities.