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080 Barcelona Fashion por Marcel Pedragosa – (VIDEO)

080 Barcelona Fashion 16th edition 2015 by Marcel Pedragosa from Marcel Pedragosa on Vimeo. El fotógrafo Marcel Pedragosa ha preparado este video con una selección de los mejores desfiles de la 080 Barcelona, incluyendo las colecciones de primavera verano de diseñadores independientes locales como JOSEP ABRIL, SITA MURT, Celia Vela, Brain&Beast, Naulover, JusticiaRuano y Menchén […]

Active Summer

Last weekend I tried SUP (Stand Up Paddling) and now I’m hooked! It was really easy to get started and it was the perfect way to get a bit of colour and enjoy the good weather (which sadly is not that common these days up north!). The good thing about this sport is that it can […]

Backstage del desfile de Brain&Beast por Marcel Pedragosa

Un adelanto del reportage gráfico del fotógrafo Marcel Pedragosa en el marco de la pasarela de moda 080 Barcelona Fashion que tuvo lugar del 29 al 3 de julio. Aquí fotos del backstage de los diseñadores Brain&Beast. “Don’t hate what you don’t understand”

Print All Over Me – My Surfergirl T-Shirt

I just received my tshirt from Print All Over Me and I mean, it is really, really cool! I created this pattern (illustrated it by hand with gouache first and then arrange the motif on Photoshop) and designed my own garments. The result is cool, unique and I feel this is the way I will […]

Bruno Pieters + Comme des Machines

La empresa Honest By se ha reunido con los españoles de Commes des Machines para lanzar la primera colección en la industria de la moda que ofrece accesorios que se pueden bajar para los consumidores y que pueden ser impresos en 3D en casa. La colección contiene pequeños broches, peines y decoraciones para zapatos. Una ventana al futuro de como […]

Hablamos con Pablo Puig Gomar de Blame Label

Conocí a Pablo hace algunos años en la escuela IDEP. Fue alumno mío de la clase de ilustración de moda y recuerdo que tenía un carácter y estilo muy especial para expresarse. Por eso no me extrañó cuando fue elegido para participar en la próxima edición de la 080 Barcelona Fashion Week con su nueva […]

Google’s Project Jacquard

What you wear will have less to do with trends and more with function in the future. Or will we be able to mix both without any problem? Last week Google presented an amazing opportunity for designers who want to create fashion that can easily include technology. Basically, Google has created a conductive fabric at […]

Vava eyewear – deceleration, purism and metaphysics

When we think about eco-friendly sunglasses we tend to have the picture of wood sunglasses, isn’t it? Vava is a brand that work with eco-friendly standards but doesn’t specially look “eco”. All the glasses are recyclable and biodegradable, and they are the first eyewear brand to apply sustainable materials accross its product range. Interesting, isn’t it? Their […]

The Job of a Top Fashion Blogger (Infographic)

In the early 2000s, girls graduated college and dreamed about working at a magazine. Today, girls with similar ambitions are pursuing their own ventures and starting fashion blogs. Why? Fashion blogging is now a stablished and interesting way to show your talents, and it offers a lot more expression than working in a more restricted […]

WUNDERBROW-thicken your eyebrows naturally in 2 minutes

Are you among those women who have been experiencing thinning eyebrows? Are your eyebrows naturally thin and scanty? Well, welcome to the club. Is not rare to find more and more girls across the globe who have become tired of using brow pencils or primers to make their eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. If you […]