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Summer shoes: What to wear

We are changing season and it’s time to buy new shoes for the summer. Incredibly enough, gladiators are back. And while they have been around here and there, we will see this classic a lot this summer. We’ve been talking and wearing espadrilles for ever (in this post you have the tip for a shop that sell them for only €7), so we are more than happy to see a bunch of brands designing cool espadrilles. Be aware of overpriced espadrilles though: Expensive or not, they will be destroyed in a rainy day. We can not forget the white sneakers. And time to rise with a pair of wooden wedges if you are all about the 70s trend.

So this post is definitely not to talk about trends: all these shoes are now classics for the summer time, just updated! Remember to always wear what you love and what looks good on you before any trend.

With this selection we playing your personal shopper, so with one buy you have the basics. Remember that with over $ 100 in purchases, shipping in Shopbop is free.

Splendid Suede and Denim Sandals $98

MICHAEL by Michael Kors gladiators $125

Soludos espandrilles $43

Superga cotu canvas sneakers $65

The Unseen – vision of science meets design

The Unseen is an exploration collective founded by English designer Lauren Bowker. They combine science with art, design and performance. Bowker saw an opportunity to build a brand that could bring together science and design, working technically and aesthetically. Conceiving technology as “magic” her desire is to live in a world where science, luxury and technology all come together in exquisite products.

The Unseen has developed a form of wind reactive ink that changes colour upon contact with the air around us. Intended to reveal the otherwise unseen turbulence surrounding the human as it goes about its environment.

The material has been prepared into a couture capsule collection that was exhibited as an interactive performance to coincide with London Fashion week, in the Dead House beneath Somerset house together with Hendricks Gin.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.15.08

E I G H T H S E N S E is a coded couture piece, fashioned from materials that are remotely respondent to real-time digital data, through pattern shift, hue and colour change.

From greys to blacks, pastels to vibrant rainbows controlled via a digital app built in collaboration with Holition.

An unseen force or “Aura” is outwardly emitted from every human as electromagnetic energy, these wavelengths through certain lenses can be seen as colour.

T H E U N S E E N aim to discover and investigate this invisible energy field by using a physical garment that reads human
magnetism coupled with the capture of EEG data. These biosignals are translated visually through our sculpture with the use of colour and pattern.

For instance red portrays anger, nerves and anxiety, whereas green reflects teaching, sociality and people, Blue reveals calming,
truthfulness and peace while white mirror’s an inner state of sensitivity, intuitiveness and psychic ability.

Supported by the British Fashion Council, as an award from The Technology Strategy Board with thanks to the Trust this piece is in residence at Somerset House within T H E U N S E E N EMPORIUM.

We chose to release our research as an exorcism performance to cleanse ourselves of any previous bad energy firstly readying the body, mind and sculpture to capture and portray a pure Aura and sense of colours true to the work, un affected by anything else in that moment.

Moritz Feed Dog: Barcelona New Fashion Documentary Film Festival

For any design and fashion lover, this festival is a must!

During May 15th, 16th and  17th Barcelona will host the first festival focused on the documentary about fashion called Moritz Feed Dog. Moritz Feed Dog was born with the desire )as in other Festival organized by Inedit Productions, Beefeater In-Edit, to offer a program with quality cinematic works from the contents to aesthetics. An initiative that focuses on the genre of documentary and work of author with a focus on fashion, meaning that discipline as a cultural expression.

To see there are many highlights, like the movie Dior and I, directed by Frédéric Tchang that goes into the creation of the first couture collection by Raf Simons as new artistic director of ironic signature,  Notebook on Cities and Clothes, digitization of the classic Wim Wenders in 1988 and Iris, directed by Albert Maysles, who died recently, about the universal fashion icon Iris Apfel.

Feed Dog Moritz aims to show the general public the richness and complexity of fashion as a cultural phenomenon, that is always alive and changing as a reflection of society and history through a coordinated programming by Charo Mora, known fashion professional that meets in her extensive curriculum fashion, art and communication.

Keep up to date at their website

25 garments for the festival season 25% off

Festival season is approaching, beginning of course with Coachella that starts this weekend. Celebrities and music lovers from all around the world get together to enjoy the party with the California desert as a backdrop. And of course style is one of the highlights: we will see a lot of bohemian looks. Fringes, ripped jeans, shorts and lots of jewelry everywhere! We selected 25 items to create your own boho festival look. And good news! Shopbop‘s big sale, with  25% off is now on! Don’t forget to use the code SPRING25 at checkout!

Jeans vest R13


Hat Inverni $326.00


Shorts KSubi $180


SandalsVisconti & Du Reau $460


Romper Blue Life $145


bag Star Mela 130


Jacket vegan Blank Denim $138


Jeans Rag & Bone $185.50 $


 boho dress Christophe Saubat Collection $270


Jacket One by SW3 Bespoke $298.00


Flower dress Glamourous $60.00


Poncho Antik Batik $370


Necklace Jules Smith $50


Backpack Rebecca Minkoff $395


Top Crochet alice + olivia $80


sneakers Superga $65


Top Camila $430


Top crochet Glamourous $54


Fringed bag Deux Lux $90


Rounded Sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs 


Sandals Vince


Maxi dress Love Sadie 62


Barrete  Pluie


Lace white dress Lover 


Birkenstock sandals



What is your favorite festival item? We’d love to hear your opinion!!

3D printing – Interview with Roberta Lucca – Wonderluk

Wonderluk is a London-based company that creates “made-to-order” jewellery utilising one of the most interesting technologies today, 3D printing. With a very interesting selection of products and a strong manifesto (Don’t blend in. Ever.) we wanted to know more. We talked to Wonderluk’s co-funder, Roberta Lucca.

Originally from Brazil, Roberta Lucca lives and works in London. Having a background in marketing and the luxury and innovation industry, three years ago she decided to build her own firm so she founded a successful game company with two friends called Bossa Studios. But her entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there, this year she launched Wonderluk, a 3D printed jewellery brand.


El Fashionista: Why did you decide to start a fashion business using 3D printing technology?

Roberta: I’ve always loved fashion. And after working all these years in the game industry, I’ve realized that there are a lot of similarities between the people who work with games and the people who work in fashion, even though they are very distinct, both are much in love about their craft.

By chance, a year ago I bought a 3D printer and I started to feed it with items, seeing how it works and exploring fashion from a totally different perspective.

My innovation brain, with my passion for technology and passion for fashion kind of all got together with the 3D printing opportunity and I said, “well, there is actually an opportunity here, to bring something that is crafted, innovative, and individual to fashion consumers”.

Andre (Schober) and I work together, and after talking about it, we decided to join together to create something for the fashion forward consumer who wants to try fashion accessories in a very different way.

There is also another reason. We all know how the fashion value chain is broken. We know that clothes travel thousands of miles around the world. Only in the U.K there is a 50% of overproduced garments, meaning that everything that you see in stores, out of those everything, 50% will end up not being consumed.

And suddenly, here is a piece of digital information on your screen that you can customise, make individual and make it your own. And that little piece will only exist …if you wish so. It is nothing out there in the wild being pushed to you as a consumer.

E: What I found interesting about your proposal, is that you are bringing a luxury feeling to something that at first glanze would seem too “geeky” to be called luxurious.

R: Exactly, especially when I started out but even now is the same thing. You have some pioneers like Iris Van Herpen and other great designers trying to bring avant-garde, premium couture fashion into 3D printing, but 90% of 3D printing is made by geeks for geeks. And there is nothing wrong with that, but in a sense you end up excluding a lot of people, a lot of women who would love to get a hold of consuming innovative fashion.

E:Tell us a bit about the materials you use. I think a common thought when looking at this kind of products would be “Will it break easily, will it last?”

We use nylon and I must say that the process is really amazing. Here we have basically a massive industrial machine that takes a lot of nylon powder inside it and this nylon get desintegrated. And after all this sintering process (the process of forming a solid mass of material by heat and/or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction), through the inputs of the file, which is the design, we removed that chamber of powder and it is like opening a present, a kind of archeological process and all of these beautiful pieces surface out of this powder. Then we do the finishing to make the product look very smooth so that it doesn’t hurt your skin at all, and then we try different colours.

It’s impressive how these materials can make pieces that are super rigid, sturdy and difficult to break, but which at the same time are delicate, like the Tube ring.


E: I see that you put a lot of emphasis in design. I appreciate the different type of styles and designs that you offer. ¿Who designs the pieces?

R: We have a network of seven designers from the UK, from Spain, from Italy and Japan. They are simply amazing, they basically took on a brief I discussed with them and we produce three collections. That is why there is a little bit of something for everyone, there are bolder designs and there are more delicate designs, because we wanted to create very distinctive collections. We have the “Wonder woman” (that’s my inspiration) she is strong, she is there to conquer the world, to be powerful.

E: How did you choose your designs? Having the opportunity to build literally whatever you want, I guess it wasn’t that easy to make up your mind on what was going to be produced.

Could you tell us more how did you make your decisions?

R: We have three collections, Fluid inspired by the fluidity of life, and there are a lot of curves and folds, objects that seem to be soft textiles that of course are hard pieces. Somehow we wanted to create a mix of 2d and 3d pieces, that are an illusion of the eye. Pop Art is basically inspired by the sixties and the pop-art scene. A very playful and colourful collection. Wonder Woman is my special inspiration, strong pieces that say: “I’m powerful, I’m here to conquer the world”.

We went for bold designs because we thought that this what the brand is all about. We wanted to establish something that is beautiful, that is elegant and that really stands out from any other 3d printers collection.

We work very closely together with the designers on the whole process, from the original brief, to the creation of the pieces on the paper, then on 3D on the computer, the whole sampling…Choosing the colours was a very exciting moment for us, because we know how much difference about the perception about what the product is. And finally the tips for styling


E: Can you tell us more about your vision and what kind of product would you like to have in 5 years?

R: Our vision for Wonderluk is to make fashion personal again. It’s really about communicating a message to the world that it is possible to have unique garments and a unique style. We like to call it “co-couture” meaning that you can co-create products together with the designer

What I see for us is to expand into metals, silver and titanium. I see we will be able to create garments. I believe Wonderluk will be able in five year time to bring back to the fashion consumer the ability to have something tailored made at a reasonable cost. They will consume something that is individual to them.

E: I think it is interesting that you are evaluating the option of new materials, because you have to be a bit tech conscious to appreciate these kind of products.

R: Exactly. And because we are in such an early stage of 3d printing and fashion, there is a lot of education that needs to happen. We have been going to a lot of fashion events here in London since we went live nine weeks ago and it’s incredible how people react to that. At first they look at the product and they are amazed, they love the design. And then they touch it and then realize that the texture is very different from the traditional textures you see in fashion accesories out there. And they get really excited when they understand how everything is made. So I think you are right, there is still a bit of education to be done but it’s very exciting.

E: Can you tell me about the biggest challenges you can foresee for your brand?

R: I think that the biggest challenges will have to do with the reassurance of people that this will really change the way people consume things. As you probably know from wearable tech, there is a little fear, ‘will this really work for me?’ Am I’m getting too techy, and not fashionable anymore?’. I think that would be the biggest challenge. But other than that I do see that as long as there are more companies all the opportunities will overcome this pretty quickly. Technology is evolving very rapidly.


Iris Van Herpen x The Corner presents an exclusive capsule collection by Iris Van Herpen, the Dutch designer whose talent and their collections go halfway between couture and ready-to-wear (to know more about the designer, check out this article)
The project stems from the evolution of collaboration between ANDAM Fashion Award and the luxury online boutique to give another chance to the winner of the prestigious award. Now available only at there is a collection of six unique creations, which have the perfect mix between craftsmanship and the use of almost futuristic, typical of the designer techniques.

“It is a great honor to celebrate the collaboration with launching an exclusive collection. The capsule collection that I have believed for Spring – Summer 2015 is inspired by lenticular clouds, the pure expression of energy and essential power of nature. “- Iris Van Herpen

Soft colors, impalpable fabrics, ethereal dresses that want to recreate the movement of light, water, the elements of nature. Luster, material effects, to recreate a contrast between light and dark, between what intangible and tangible.
All these elements are reflected in the clothes that make the capsule collection Lenticular Clouds: a coat and a short dress draping, luster; a skirt and a low cut top woven copper wire and silk; a long dress that wraps the body like a cloud of chiffon in pink antique.

IRIS VAN HERPEN exlcusively available at thecorner (4)

IRIS VAN HERPEN exclusively for (2) IRIS VAN HERPEN exclusively for (6) IRIS VAN HERPEN exclusively for (8) 34509258RV_14_a 34509255UC_14_e 41523508WV_14_e 34509257AV_14_f

Hair Building Fibers

Want to look charming and youthful? Try Hair Building Fibers

Hair fall or excessive hair loss is a problem which not only affects men but also a large population of the women around the world. What may first seem as a regular shedding of hair may soon turn into excessive hair fall that also turns into a bald patch. While some people accept this change, others may feel low on self- esteem and conscious whenever they step out. Yes, there are many invasive hair treatment options present which involve hair implants and other surgical procedures but for those who are not interested in going through such a wallet-draining option, hair building fibers is an excellent idea!

Hair building fibers is a smart hairloss concealer which not only helps to make the hair appear fuller but also in a way that it looks natural.  KeraFiber, which is a popular brand for hair building fibers, is a revolutionary new product that instantly makes the hair look thicker and denser.  If you are thinking that this product too like many others will result in fake looking hair strands, then you are mistaken! Hair building fibers are made up of an all organic and 100% natural Keratin protein due to which the hair look absolutely natural and real. The human hair is also made of keratin protein.

More about hair fibers

Hair building fibers are statistically charged with electricity which help them to connect with existing hair on the scalp and form very strong bonds. The hold of these fibers is so strong that you don’t have to worry about them getting plucked off either due to wind, perspiration or even due to rain. Moreover, even on a very close look or examination, these fibers go undetected hence making it impossible for anyone to know that your new wonderful looking hair are a result of this treatment.  This hairloss concealer follows a simple shake and sprinkle procedure which makes the application very easy as well. Where else could you find such a great solution to your hair loss problem and that too at an affordable price?

KeraFiber helps build confidence

Besides making the hair growth appear fuller on your scalp, these hair building fibers give you a new lease of confidence and brings back your youthful charm in no time! Since the application is simple and the time taken to show results is less, you begin to feel good about yourself instantly.  Now you don’t have to worry about attending parties, going to your kid’s parent – teacher meetings or attending other social gatherings.  Moreover, you do not have to visit a hair clinic to get this treatment done as it can easily be done at home. Infact, you even get to choose from a variety of hair colors, depending upon the shade of your hair.

Remember, that only those with the problem of hair thinning can fully utilize this product and not those with baldness or total hair loss.

JD x Puma Competition – Win two pairs of Trinomic XT1s

We all know that now we wear trainers both to work and to party, and all year around. The perfect accessory to mix and match with all kinds of outfits. Puma of course is one of the classic brands  and now it has teamed up with JD Sports for a fun competition. JD x Puma are holding a treasure hunt event the first one being in London on the 18thof March.

Somewhere in the streets of New York, Manchester, London, Bristol y Liverpool an empty branded trainer display box has been placed and the lucky sneaker lover to find it will win two pairs of the puma XT1 trainers as well as the branded display box.  Clues will be given via the @JDsportsfashion twitter account to help narrow down the search. There is also a collaboration with five magazines, so  simply follow the magazine in your city from the list below to get more clues and get searching:

London: @Flavourmag
Bristol: @Wordplaymag
Manchester: @Fluxmagazine
Liverpool: @Halcyonmag
New York: @ComplexMag


If you’re the first to find the JD x Puma Krate, snap a selfie and upload it to Twitter, tagging the magazine in your city from the list above, @JDSportsfashion and with the hashtag #JDXPUMA to claim your prize.

Good luck!

(check out the full terms and conditions here)