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Planet Palmer @ The Box


In a very creative collaboration, six Spanish (women) designers decided to join forces and inaugurate a very recommendable Pop-up store in Barcelona. The story goes a bit like this: 3 designers ( Nerea Lurgain, Elena Gallego & Olga Prat) decided a year ago to open a store where not only they could  sell their brand’s clothes (called Amimanera) or others like Et…Bang!, or Secretos de Alcoba but also to make it a place where other interesting things could be shown. The store is called The Box. On the other hand, this year Planet Palmer was born. This time, it was the creative trio Brianda Fitz-James Stuart, Ana Rodríguez García and Isabel Fernández Castro who developed a first collection featuring flamingos and geometric prints as well as body-con golden bodies. To visit them you need to lose yourself in the Born neighbourhood and you will find them at Brosolí, 8 Street. Until July 12th

More here The Box –  Planet Palmer

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Some pics of the inauguration

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Elegant and modern are two words that well describes the Perret Schaad spring collection. The designer duo yesterday presented their new spring/summer 2014 collection at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. A colour palette ranging from airy and misty nuances to clear luscious colours paired with beautiful summery and light fabrics like linen, cotton and flowing silk is a recipe for a successful urban collection.


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‘Best Hands of Spain’ – Loewe Gallery Barcelona

We have seen a a resurgence of craft in the fashion world. Old and traditional ways are gaining importance,differentiating the luxury segment from high street fashion and fast fashion. Yesterday Loewe Gallery in Barcelona inaugurated an exhibition that highlights 165 years of history of the house and its crafts. The show features four products by traditional Spanish houses: Castañer’s shoes, Carbonell’s abanico, the Carrera Iglesias mantón de manila and the elephant by Loewe. A video directed by Matthew Donaldson or the sculptures by Ana Domínguez and Omar Sosa (Apartamento Magazine) are some of the highlights of the exhibition.

Among the attendants were photographer Cesar Segarra, stylist Jaume Vidiella, Robbie Whitehead (Apartamento), Juan Montenegro (b-guided), Olga Anishenkova (Sotheby’s) and Victor Abellán (Apartamento).

Loewe Galery Barcelona, until August 25th

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Helena Christensen x Kipling


The supermodel has designed a collection of bags for Kliping inspired by “the little moments in her life”. The idea is represented, for example, by the image of a rose or vintage inspired prints of lace and leather printed in clutches and handbags. Available next 16th September in and in stores.

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Valentina Acqua Floreale – Exclusive images


The new Valentino’s Eau de Toilette Valentina Acqua Floreale is inspired by the original perfume, Valentina. Continuing the story, Acqua Florale appears as a fresh, elegant and sophisticated version, full of light and energy. Rome is the chosen setting and the fragrance is inspired by the summer mornings, imagining our protagonist, the contradictory Valentina, opening the windows and going back to the bed, closing her eyes and letting herself be seduced by the garden’s heady fragrances. A fantasy of luxury and exuberance, which is light and fresh this time. The design of the bottle, with its slight nuances and transparencies, evokes the gauzy summer mornings and sunny gardens of Rome. Illuminated by the silvery cap and topped by a large black pearl, the bottle is protected, like a jewel, inside a pink box embellished with a delicate motif of petals in relief.

I leave you, for your delight, with some exclusive footage of the making of with Freja Beha Erichsen.





Raf Simons / Dries Van Noten


This week I was really inspired by the work of two of my favourite designers, Raf Simons and Dries Van Noten and so I did two quick sketches inspired by them. Simons silhouettes were surprisingly feminine but somehowyou don’t care so much about it when you see them, because they look fresh, young and new. I also I loved the concept:

“All the boys were natural tonight. There was nobody who did the hair for them. We showed them as they come so it was very much about the way of dressing, the way of choosing the clothes as a way to express yourself. It was not a camouflage in terms of how you can create yourself with hair or product or styling. You think about the collection and that is what is interesting right now. You can just take it or leave it but hopefully take it. “ Raf Simons for Dazed and Confused

Dries Van Noten‘s dare use of flower prints in a dark palette  “Seeing how far you can go with transparent shirts and dévoré and still be able to say, ‘Hey man, this is men’s clothes.'”*, and textures are so bold and elegant. Amazing!


COMPAÑÍA, 7 Spanish designers occupying the world


Compañía is a new concept that includes some Spanish brands like la casita de wendy, peSetasteve monothe iou project,silent venturespoti poti and ciszak dalmas.
They  want to travel the world with high quality products, working with traditional artisan community preserving heritage techniques. Their first “occupation” will be at the poti poti store in Berlin during the Berlin’s Fashion Week (july 1-7).

we vow to be impractical,
search for happiness and work towards the well being of all,
creating things with a lot of thought and incredible beauty.
understanding our responsability
and sharing our vision with everyone 

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Stuart Vever is Coach’s new creative director


Loewe’s former Creative Director, Stuart Vevers will be the new Coach‘s creative director, replacing Reed Krakoff, who leaves the company to focus exclusively on his own accessories brand. The new yorker company is in a phase of expansion (a 280m2 flagship store will be open soon at the 22 of Serrano street in Madrid for example). Here is Coach’s new campaign shot by Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) called “Summer in the city”.