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Georgina Chapman will be at the 080 Barcelona Fashion

From June 30 to July 4 Barcelona celebrates the 080 Barcelona Fashion, the event which is held twice a year is the perfect platform to meet new designers especially Catalans, who are setting trends in the city.

For this edition No. 14 the event promises to showcase the best of known names such as Custo Barcelona and Desigual, but also highlighting the new proposals from designers such as Krizia Robustella, Juanma by el Cuco and Brain & Beast among others. This year’s event will be presented in the modernist architectural enclosure of Sant Pau, aswell as it will display a series of ephemeral stores or Pop-Up stores, of fashion, footwear and accessories.

The big surprise this year is the presence of Georgina Chapman (!), designer and co-founder of Marchesa, who will be present at the opening ceremony. There will be also a special place for emergent designers called Barcelona Designers Collective that will give them the opportunity to showcase their work.

During it’s last edition 080 closed its pressroom with the interview of the Cuban designer based in New York City Isabel Toledo, who besides having participated in the runway said “Barcelona has design, but also industry and name”, concluding successfully the results given by the event.

Schedule 080 Fashion Week

Monday June 30

20:00 h: Desfile Mango

Tuesday July 1

11:00 h: Guillem Rodríguez/Georgina Vendrell

12:30 h: Escorpion 14:00 h: Desfile TCN

15:30 h: Justicia Ruano

17:00 h: Menchén Tomás

18:30 h: Sita Murt

20:30 h: Desigual

Wednesday July 2

09:30 h: Bóboli/CDN by Cóndor

11:00 h: Naulover

12:30 h: Aldomartins/Who

14:00 h: Yerse

16:00 h: Lebor Gabala/Txell Miras

17:30 h: Josep Abril

19:00 h: Desfile Miriam Ponsa

21:00 h: Desfile Custo Barcelona

Thursday July 3

12:00 h: Punto Blanco/Slazenger

13:30 h: Guillermina Baeza

16:00 h: Celia Vela

17:30 h: Zazo&Brull/Krizia Robustella

19:00 h: Natalie Capell

20:00 h: Brain&Beast

21:00 h:  Manuel Bolaño

Friday July 4

11:00 h: Juanma by El Cuco/Pablo Erroz

12:30 h: BCN Brand/ Torras

14:00 h: Scalpers

MODAFAD (18:00 h.)

Krizia_Robustella021 Custo_Barcelona_145 Custo_Barcelona_126 Custo_Barcelona_047 Brain_&_Breast_021 Brain_&_Breast_002

Sputnik Zurich – Kickstarter

If you are a commuter and use a bike you may want to take part of this Swiss project. Sputnik Zurich is a brand founded by two architects, Chelsea and Stefanie, that wanted to create a product that was all about safety and design. They are currently campaigning in Kickstarter to get funds for their new Orbit Collection.

With backgrounds in architecture and design, we are constantly observing the changing city and developing new ideas to adapt to its needs. Our newest ORBIT COLLECTION is an adaptation of our original idea, handmade bags made from recycled safety vests. The brand new bags are minimized to the purest, functional design to suit the users needs: ‘Form follows function’. To meet the increased demand of our product on the market, we’ve moved production to a local facility with a major focus on resource sustainability and fair working conditions.  FROM THE CITY  —  FOR THE CITY.

Reflective bags for urban commuters designed and produced in Switzerland. Asymmetric, clean, and rational, these bags tick all the boxes of traditional Swiss modernism.

My personal note: Even when they are too practical to be super fashionable, they are so cool in their simplicity that would match every outfit. I think they are perfect for those who bike to work or have to transit in poorly illuminated areas. I also like that the bags are manufactured at a social program called BRÜGGLI  that has the mission to reintegrate mentally and physically disabled people back into normal life. This kind of initiatives make these projects extra special.


Elisabeth Olsen for Flaunt Magazine

What I like about Elisabeth Olsen is that vulnerability that you can see through her eyes. She looks more artistic and interesting that other Hollywood actresses and I think we will see a lot of her in the future.

This short art-house style film by Hunter&Gatti follows Elizabeth during the photo shoot from her recent Flaunt Magazine feature and shows her sporting the latest contemporary looks from a number of the fashion world’s hottest designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino. 


Head accessories for the summer

Keeping the hair neat during the summer is never an easy task. To help with this “mission” we made a selection of some cool head accessories that not only have tons of personality, but will keep your head protected from the sun.

Turban Anna Sui

White and blue scarf Philipp Plein

Light blue scarf Marc by Marc Jacobs

White scarf SuTurno

Blue hat Gigi Burris

Ivory hat Eugenia Kim

Cap Acne Studios

The Next Black: A film about the future of clothing

“Shouldn’t it be something more progressive than design and style changes…shouldn’t there be innovation that alters the entire concept of clothing”.

The Next Black, is a documentary produced by the German company AEG (German General Electricity Company) that observes the future of the fashion industry within six different perspectives but with the common denominator of innovation and change in the industry such as we know it, in order to understand what is next.

The future is in technological, sustainable or biological solutions that can create new kinds of development in the fashion industry:

Studio XO 2

Studio XO, fashion + technology through 3d and programming. “It Is pure design engineering that happens to be dress up like fashion,” says Nancy Tilbury referring to her creations that have been part of the wardrobe of various artists such as Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

Adidas, technology and personal data develop sports shirts that improve the athlete’s performance by measuring the heart rate.

Bio Couture, textile processes through similar brewing methods. The recipe? Green tea + vinegar + sugar + yeast + bacteria = “The future will be farming the bacteria into the kind of cloth we want.” says Suzann Lee.

Patagonia, reduce consumption through its three “R’s” Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Reduce the environmental impact, recycle your clothes and re use every possible piece of cloth.

Yeh Group, aims to reduce the environmental impact created by textile dyeing processes, developing a procedure that requires no water, uses less power and is completely dry.

Ifixit hopes that in the future we will be able to repair both our clothes and our object in order to avoid mass consumption, this through workshops and services they provide.

Bio Couture Brewed Textiles2

Visions just like these, whether technological, biological or environmental, attempt to take the concept of fashion beyond where it has been all these years. “There is no time for R&D in fashion,” says Suzann Lee of Bio Couture and that is exactly what is questioned through hers and each of these companies’ innovation and vision.

We can think of a future where our clothes have the ability to change according to our pace of life, where we can cultivate them, model and give shape them or even produce the garments we want, ourselves.

East Dane Giveaway

This week we want to treat our male readers (or the girlfriends, friends, sisters…) with a cool present in partnership with East dane. El Fashionista gives away not one, but four (!) $50 gift cards to use in the Shopbop‘s brother site: East Dane.

To participate is really easy: Just pick what you like the most! Leave a comment with your favourite item of the shop and we will announce the winners at the end of the week (don’t forget to leave your email in the comment!)

To get a bit inspired, we did a small selection of our favourites, like a piece of jewellery, these Oliver’s People sunglasses, a vintage inspired radio, laid-back sneakers or a cool messenger bag.

You have until Thursday 19th to leave your comment and we’ll announce the winner on Friday 20th!


Interview with Marina Massone – Jewellery designer

Marina Massone‘s jewellery have a certain touch of geometry and design that makes them small sculptures. Working with materials that she molds, folds and twist, each  collection is designed from a structure aimed to be adapted to different body parts. “The movement, joints, transparencies, its real volume” are indispensable qualities in each piece.

With a background in industrial design, set design and photography, there is no wonder that Massone calls her pieces “Space Structures.” Her jewels are both delicate and  bold, the result of incessant experimenting.

Marina Massone has a workshop in San Antonio de Areco, a charming town in the Pampas of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here she creates and shares her creations with the world. She was recently awarded the Miami Fashion Week for top jewellery designer, will present their collections in Berlin at Bread & Butter in August and will be on show in New York Nynow.

There’s something about her pieces that makes them very special. At one moment rustic and the next delicate. They’re very sculptural, each one of them tells a story. We asked her some questions to get to know her better:


What is that fascinates you about jewelry design?
Jewellery is an activity that can be approached from different points of interest. As an Industrial Designer I love to explore the possibilities of materials and techniques, pushing the limits of their resources, in the quest to extract all the energy and expressive quality of the material. Finding creative solutions yet with simple resources that add value to the piece. I like to create design pieces that are not valued by the material but by the way the material was used. Making jewellery and objects in any material that is able to transform to achieve an expressive quality. In this transformation and ability to express is where is my attention and my search is more concentrated.

What is your favorite accessory?
I love the necklaces, different dimensions, materials, tones, textures, and objects that allow the body to communicate our personality traits.

You have lots of teaching experience. Is there any particular aspect of the design that you like to develop in your students?
Every week I teach in my studio and also organize intensive 3 days workshops. What interests me the most is to help students find and define their own style, that not only is with their personality but with their own experiences and interests. That they find what makes them unique and express it in an object / gem. I’d like to help them realise not only their feelings but to find the form that is also compatible and consistent with themselves.

Recently you have been awarded at the Miami Fashion Week, you’re at Bread & Butter and New York this summer. What is your vision of Argentine design in an international environment? Is there something that sets it apart?
I’d say Argentine design is highly creative, our lack of resources means that we develop different perspectives in all design related activities.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Jewellery is an activity that has many possibilities for action, from Design, Fashion and Art. Currently I’m focused on the external market, selling jewellery in stores in many contemporary art museums, art galleries…I was in several Fashion weeks, exhibitions… Personally I do what I like, and I always try to express my own interests in every collection, in addition to continue doing that in 5 years…I really hope I’ll be surprised by how far you can get with this activity.

You can buy her creations in her online store and Contemporary Design fairs like FASHION WEEK New York, FASHION WEEK Buenos Aires, Arte BA, PURE DESIGN, GRAFT DESIGN San Pablo, Parallel GIFT San Pablo, ROOMS Tokyo, and museum shops worldwide: MAD NY, NY MOMA, San Francisco MOMA, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, San Pablo MAM, MUMEDI of Mexico, Reina Sofia Spain, Buenos Aires Malba.



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5 Interesting fashion crowdfunding projects

Many industries have already benefited from the power of crowdfunding. Its operation is very simple: anyone can make an investment, of any value, in a project that considers interesting or promising.

But what many people don’t know is that the fashion industry is also taking advantage of the benefits of crowdfunding. More than that: the crowdfunding seems perfectly address a number of critical demands of fashion, making it a great ally. As an example, we can mention the possibility of making this market more democratic, since the clients gain a strong power of decision and participate during the product’s concept stage – which is quite important for them (pretail trend). Another significant aspect is the visibility given to new designers, often ignored due to strong competition in this field. Finally, crowdfunding allows the development of a fair and ethical fashion, since it is produced only what is really demanded, avoiding waste.

A notorious successful example of the usage of crowdfunding in fashion comes from the ex-GAP creative director, Patrick Robinsons, whom grossed over US$ 68.000 for his new venture, Pashko, through the Kickstarter platform (his goal was US$ 50.000). Another interesting and quite recent case is the brand Gnome & Bow, that was seeking funding to create “bags that tell stories“. By developing a strong campaign in social media, this start-up from Singapura surpassed its goal in a record time, getting US$ 37.000 through Pozible platform.

Here are five selected projects of crowdfunding for fashion that worth sharing. We hope they can be an inspiration for a project that you never had the courage to take out of the paper…



Founded in t April, Crowdemand creates a direct bridge between costumers and designers. While the collections are launched on the website, the users can make a pre-order. If the minimum number of orders is reached, the product goes to production. Another interesting aspect of the webpage is the area “Bring it back” where is possible to “resuscitate” fashion classics.



This fashion company of San Francisco was born as conventional online store, in 2005. In 2013, however, they implanted on their website a crowdfunding platform called Think Tank, where customers have the power to choose and finance upcoming collections of the brand.



This crowdfunding project for fashion allows anyone to publish the design of a garment. If approved, it’s produced through collective financing and sold on the website (the designer receives 20% of sales, and investors, 10%).

before the label

Before the label  

The Operation of Before the Label is quite simple and follows the natural logic of crowdfunding: garments are delivered, financed and produced. What is striking, however, is the possibility of financing garments made to help human or social causes – there is a specified area on the webpage for that type of project.

I am la mode

I am la mode

Perhaps the biggest crowdfunding fashion platform, I am the mode is notable for the number of products being presented that got funded – almost all manage to reach their goals. On the webpage is possible to finance projects but also start a campaign for a personal project.

Cortana Lookbook SS14

We are in the middle of the wedding season, so why not get inspired by these beautiful photos of the brand Cortana. These dresses by this brand of Majorcan origins breathe elegance and bohemian air. Is not only the elegance and feminine flair they have, I think what I liked most about this lookbook is how beautifully is  represented the intimate atmosphere of a group of women chatting and sipping a glass of wine. Wear a luxury dress for a good time with friends… one of the delights of summer. They have shops in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, and also sell online. Cortana look 01-120 Cortana look 02-039 Cortana look 03-073 copia Cortana look 05-013 Cortana look 05-078 Cortana look 07-075 Cortana look 08-272