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Quote of the day: Vivienne Westwood – London Fashion Week SS14

 Invest in the world! Inspiring words that have to do with a fresher and newer perspective: Go out, connect and explore your full talents! Don’t waste your time with silly insecurities and do something for others too. Think about the environment and nature.

Cool T-Shirt #1=Marni por Romina Quirós

¿Por qué? Porque es una de esas colaboraciones muy populares hoy en día entre una gran casa y un artista independiente. Porque la artista es en este caso de Argentina (Es agradable ver algo de variación, ¡hay tantos países en el mundo para explorar talento!), porque la artista está atenta a las cuestiones ambientales y (por […]

Planet Palmer en The Box

En una creativa colaboración, seis diseñadoras españolas decidieron unir sus fuerzas para inaugurar una tienda pop-up muy recomendable en Barcelona. La historia va algo así: 3 diseñadoras (Nerea Lurgain, Elena Gallego y Olga Prat) decidieron hace un año abrir una tienda donde no sólo podían vender la ropa de su marca (llamada Amimanera) u otros como Et […]

Raf Simons / Dries Van Noten

Esta semana me inspiró mucho el trabajo de dos de mis diseñadores favoritos, Raf Simons y Dries Van Noten y aquí dos dos dibujos rápidos inspirados en ellos. Las siluetas de Simons fueron sorprendentemente femeninas, pero de alguna manera la atención se desvía, porque se ven frescas, jóvenes y nuevas. Los estampados de flores de Dries […]


Creativity is always an ongoing process, that sometimes needs a tad bit of help. That was the starting point for the last post I did for the Absolut Mode Society website that talks about tools to boost our creative talents. One of them was Fashionary, a tailor-made sketchbook not only for fashion designers, but bloggers, styling artists and fashionistas who use it […]


Just a bit of colour to spice up the week with a lovely skirt by La Casita de Wendy (the vibrant print by Ana Sender)

Royal Caballito

This brand new brand, Royal Caballito, is the brainchild of Diana Saldaña, a photo curator and art historian turned designer from Madrid. The designs are simple, and the prints are the protagonists of these made to order garments. The beautiful pictures are by Chus Anton. … Esta nueva marca, Royal Caballito, es la creación de Diana Saldaña, […]

SuTurno – Pañuelos

Why stand the rain when you can wear the rain? That seems to be the starting point for this new series of printed scarfs by Spanish brand SuTurno. Their irregular and slightly “imperfect” motifs reveal the designer’s hand and it’s what makes them especially personal. The “Lluvia” and I”nútiles” scarf collection are available here. … Por qué […]

Illustrated highlights of beauty ads from Guerlain

Since we started the year with drawn fashion, why not talk about a bit more about the importance of illustration, for example, in beauty advertising! Illustration, cosmetics and perfume were a tandem that went hand in hand until not so long ago. If we take a peek into the archives of emblematic brands we can find a rich […]