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The Job of a Top Fashion Blogger (Infographic)

By Mercedes

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In the early 2000s, girls graduated college and dreamed about working at a magazine. Today, girls with similar ambitions are pursuing their own ventures and starting fashion blogs. Why? Fashion blogging is now a stablished and interesting way to show your talents, and it offers a lot more expression than working in a more restricted environment. But fashion blogging is a lot of work, even if it looks like the easiest thing to do in the world! Still interested? Learn more about the job of a top fashion blogger:

Taking Pictures for a Living Much of a fashion bloggers time is spent documenting clothing. They take pictures of what they are wearing, clothing that inspires them, and settings that move them. Many of the top fashion bloggers get paid to travel around the world to capture these images. Then, they share them on social media networks and their blog. This is an exciting and effective way to generate interest about fashion.

Creating Content The top fashion bloggers are always creating content. This gives their readers a reason to return to their blog. At the same time, creating this content keeps a fashion blogger busy. It can take time to generate content for a blog and social media outlets. Even more, some people produce content several times a day. This enables them to reach multiple people with their efforts.

Showcasing Your Unique Style Fashion bloggers are not followers. Instead, they set trends in today’s society. People look to them for guidance on what they should be wearing. Many of the top bloggers have a unique style to showcase. Some of them even focus on a niche area of fashion – i.e. shoes, accessories, vintage apparel, etc. If you need inspiration, you can check out some of the top blogs like “Brooklyn Blonde,” “The Spicy Stiletto,” “Closet Freaks,” or “Eat Sleep Wear”. All of these blogs will help you understand what a successful blog entails. You can also learn more about how to succeed as a fashion blogger with the help of this infographic: Ever-Pretty-Infographic-Express-Yourself

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