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Pattern Point Barcelona

Pattern Point Barcelona is a professional Pattern meeting: Designers, companies seeking applications and interested public. Pattern point Barcelona born with the desire to establish itself as the first major event of this discipline in Spain, making connections between designers and companies. Lo que nos llevó a crear la Pattern Point Bcn fue el enorme crecimiento […]

Cool T-Shirt #3: THE T/SHIRT ISSUE – Wearable 3D

I will share with you THE T/SHIRT ISSUE’s manifesto: “Our ultimate mission is to lift the hurdle between possible and impossible and redefine the aesthetics of all things jersey.” Inspiring, right? This interdisciplinary group design t-shirts and sweatshirts from the core on up, made with in-house software. They have developed a method to integrate polygonal geometries from 3D […]

Backstage by Anna Bauer

Loewe opens in September the new season of exhibitions with the project “Backstage” by German photographer Anna Bauer. Containing five years (2007-2012) or 10 seasons of the fashion calendar “Backstage” is a collection of hundreds of daguerreotypes or polas documenting a capricious and changing world. The fashion world: models, designers, photographers, art directors, makeup artists, hairdressers … appear portrayed in it. The […]

‘Best Hands of Spain’ – Loewe Gallery Barcelona

We have seen a a resurgence of craft in the fashion world. Old and traditional ways are gaining importance,differentiating the luxury segment from high street fashion and fast fashion. Yesterday Loewe Gallery in Barcelona inaugurated an exhibition that highlights 165 years of history of the house and its crafts. The show features four products by traditional Spanish houses: […]

Colmillo de Morsa + Mike Pascal + Anne Galan

You can still see the exhibition at Mar de Cava (C / Valencia 293, Barcelona)by Colmillo de Morsa + Mikel Pascal + Anne Galan. Crystal Palace is the concept behind this exhibition which combines photography, illustration and fashion. Three visions after a common starting point. Until 7.6.13.   

Flavio Lucchini Anthological Exhibition

When I saw Flavio Lucchini‘s exhibition last year at the Venice Biennale, I was intrigued by how he used the “burka” as the starting point of his works and related it with fashion and fashion magazines. In my view there is no connection (the burka is not a dress to begin with), but it was […]

MODAFAD recauda fondos via crowdfunding para invitar a Moritz Waldemeyer

Tras 30 ediciones promocionando diseñadores de moda emergente MODA-FAD atraviesa un momento económico delicado, es por ello que con el propósito de seguir realizando su labor, la asociación de Moda del FAD se ha propuesto recaudar fondos a través de crowdfunding. El objetivo es invitar a Moritz Waldemeyer al próximo desfile PASAFAD que se celebrará en el marco de la […]

Cóctel Vintage en Barcelona

Hoy jueves 28 de julio de 20:00 a 23:00 se celebra un cóctel con aire “vintage” en el DHUB, (calle Montcada 12), para celebrar la exposición “Qué me pongo?”. El dress code de la fiesta será por supuesto, vintage, de inspiración años 50s y 60s. Además se podrá disfrutar de música de la época a cargo de Joan S. Luna, […]

“Re-hacer” / Disseny Hub Barcelona

Los objetos que compramos no son nuestros hasta que los hacemos nuestros El próximo fin de semana, Dhub presenta una serie de workshops, enfocados al reciclaje y el “re-uso”. Dentro de esta serie de talleres, habrá uno sobre moda impartido por Karin Bauernfeind y Olga Ibars enfocado a explorar nuestra creatividad e inventiva reinventando diseños de camisetas y […]

Alexis Reyna..”all my creations, all my destructions”

Today at 19h30 is the opening party for Alexis Reyna‘s exhibition. The artist/designer will show a retrospective of his work and prepared a very special performance for tonight. His ss11 collection attracted the attention of M.I.A, who wore his garments in her world tour. Also, we could enjoy his collaboration with Wilde sunglasses. Don’t miss it! Thursday […]