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Print All Over Me – My Surfergirl T-Shirt

I just received my tshirt from Print All Over Me and I mean, it is really, really cool! I created this pattern (illustrated it by hand with gouache first and then arrange the motif on Photoshop) and designed my own garments. The result is cool, unique and I feel this is the way I will […]

Un arco iris de pasteles (y algunas palabras sobre el feminismo)

What kind of feminist are you? I dropped the question talking about it with a girl I had just met at an “speed-friending” event. The card read “feminist” and I was intrigued to know what that word meant to her. Of course she stared at me with a question mark on her forehead and choked […]

Summer shoes: What to wear

We are changing season and it’s time to buy new shoes for the summer. Incredibly enough, gladiators are back. And while they have been around here and there, we will see this classic a lot this summer. We’ve been talking and wearing espadrilles for ever (in this post you have the tip for a shop […]

DIY: 10 blogs and websites that you can’t miss 

How many times have you wanted to give a new look to an old garment, or to produce an article by yourself? If the answer is “many”, welcome to the world of the do it youself (DIY). The truth is that this movement seems to be at its heyday, perhaps driven by the economic crises (after all, why buy if we can do it?)

About the construction

Looking at clothes, I’m always a bit curious about how they are made. That is why I find the blog The Cutting Class so interesting. I thought I would share with you this post,

Zapatos Para Ensamblar – FabLab Barcelona

FabLabs (short for Fabrication Laboratories) are amazing workshops around the world that bring together creative minds to try out to create new things. Created by Neil Gershenfeld, a physicist and MIT professor, the idea is to experience with our ability as humans to create almost everything. With a toolset that includes 3D printing, at these labs people experiment […]

Site Review – Bonanza

While I love to surf online marketplaces (sometimes to find a bargain and at times in search of something quirky), I think we can all agree that it can be a bit overwhelming mainly because there are so many cool things and websites out there.  That’s why a simple and clean layout always is more […]

Vestidos que lo salvan todo

Cuántas veces nos hemos encontrado que necesitamos un vestido, pero no estamos en nuestra mejor forma? Intentar meterse en una prenda dos tallas menos de hace 5 años puede ser una tortura. Lo mejor es buscar algo que nos ayude a sentirnos en control y guapísimas. Aquí os dejo algunos que espero que os gusten. […]

Regla de estilo nº VIII: Compra siempre tu talla adecuada de sujetador

Parecerá una obviedad, pero lo cierto es que la mayoría de las mujeres no nos tomamos el tiempo necesario para elegir correctamente el sujetador, mas allá de la estética. Tu estilo de vida y prenda con que se vas a utilizarlo son puntos a tener en cuenta. Pero saber de medidas es la mejor forma […]

Regla de estilo nº VI: Gana en seguridad

Una regla de estilo y un consejo para que siempre disfrutes de tu día (además de dejar una buena impresión): Nunca salgas de casa con alguna prenda que te haga sentir incómoda. La inseguridad te puede arruinar el mejor de los conjuntos. A style rule and a recomendation so you can always enjoy your day […]