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The Fashion Project – Donate your clothes

By Mercedes

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The fashion industry knows that something needs to change. Too many clothes are produced but still too many people don’t have enough to wear. Fashion project is an interesting initiative that takes advantage of the millions of shopaholics in the world. How? By raising as much money as possible for charity by creating a community where the members can donate clothing and shop for causes they care about.

Our members are our heroes – every sweater, handbag, or designer shoe donated, starts
a movement that impacts the lives of others around the world.

The responsibles behind this are Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk, “who after a conversation that ensued at their Harvard Law graduation in 2011, became increasingly interested in the $13 billion in clothing, shoes and accessories that people donate each year. As their curiosity grew, they decided to investigate what actually happens to each of those items.

They took this curiosity with them as they toured a local thrift store and saw a brand new Alice + Olivia jacket with a $2 price tag buried beneath old shoes, gym shorts and a clock radio. Both fans of the brand, they knew that jacket could easily be resold for close to $100. It was in this realization that they had their first “ah-ha” moment. What if they could take that Alice + Olivia jacket, maximize its value and donate up to 55% of the proceeds to any cause chosen by the donor? With this rippled effect of giving in mind, Fashion Project was born.”

What can you find at their website? All kind of designer’s clothes. A great selection of second hand pieces at interesting prices. A way of shopping with a philanthropic wallet.

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