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Transform your summer style into fall fashion with ease

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After enjoying the summer months and the fashion that goes with the warmer temperatures it can be difficult to turn your back on your summer outfits. Luckily you don’t need to. Fall is a great time of year because you don’t need a brand new wardrobe, you can simply adapt what you wear to suit the changing weather. Here’s how to do it.

Just add tights

Even though the weather is moving away from summer it doesn’t mean that it is time for your summer dresses to go to back of the closet. Pull on some opaque tights and your summer dress will be instantly transformed into a stylish fall outfit.


Sandals are fine for fall

There’s usually no need to wrap your feet up in shoes as soon as the leaves begin to fall. Sandals can add a touch of casual to a fall outfit and it is often still warm enough to wear them for quite a while. Of course, you may be caught out by the weather so keeping a pair of Hunter wellies around will make sure you’re ready for anything.

A change in colour

If you have the budget to buy new clothes this fall now is the time to start picking up typical fall colours. Go for deep oranges, reds and rusty colours and your outfits will naturally take on a fall feel.

Layer with caution

Layering is the perfect solution when summer is turning into fall as the weather will often be so changeable that you will wish you had a change of outfit in your bag. However, it is not a simple case of pulling on another layer until you are warm enough. You should never wear more than 3 layers, otherwise you risk looking like you’ve squeezed into clothes that are too small.


A summer outfit can be transformed into fall style simply by changing your accessories. By adding a thin scarf, you give the impression of wrapping up from the fall breeze. By swapping a hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes with one that keeps your head warm, you instantly change the feel of your outfit from summer fun to fall chic.

Time for a jacket

As the cooler weather begins to take over don’t be tempted to just pull on any old hoodie, fleece or coat you have lying around. A lightweight jacket is the perfect outer layer for the transition from summer to fall. Choosing a neutral colour will allow you to wear it with most outfits and depending on the weather, a ¾ sleeve will be the perfect style.

Fall can be an awkward time of year when you aren’t sure whether to wrap up warm or try to keep cool. Fortunately, many summer outfits can be adapted by a simple change in accessories, or by adding tights or a jacket. Meaning you can keep enjoying your favourite summer outfits for longer!

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