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Let’s go sailing

By Mercedes

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The sea breeze is always a tempting plan in summer. These days Sweden is having finally the sun we were all waiting for and to jump on a boat for the day is one of the things on my list for next weekend.

That was what I was having in mind this morning and, call it synchronicity or just a coincidence, I just got in my inbox the info about this app called We are on a boat ( The idea behind the app is actually pretty simple: If you would like to be on a boat, they help you find someone willing to share theirs. An somekind of Airbnb for boats, that was ideated in a city full of them, Amsterdam. But there is one key difference with the giant of renting houses, instead of exchanging money for the boat they work with a system of rewards.

“Rewards are simply goods. Food, drinks or a little help to the boat fuel. Captains can suggest a reward. And passengers can suggest what they would bring on board to make this boat ride more pleasant for both,” explained the team of Little Nice Things to Wired.

So back to fashion, what to wear for the boat ride? Here there are some ideas to get inspired

sweater a rayas

The striped sweater, this one by MiH 


A nice tote bag, like this one by Clare V.

A pair of cool jeans – Denim x Alexander Wang


Don’t forget the water! Water bottle by S’well


Espadrillos should be on your list Splendid


Or maybe a pair of white Birkenstocks?


A striped dress can be the perfect option ElevenParis


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