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It is all about moving yourself – Activewear

By Mercedes

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I read this article at Inc. magazine about how to improve your habits to be and look more professional.  Some of the points were pretty obvious but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t true. It is all about creating trust following through and performance, but Bill Murphy Jr. name 17 points. And I was glad to see number 16: Fitness. He makes a good point there, he writes:

This is unfortunate but true. If someone looks as if he or she doesn’t care about their health, it’s a lot harder to project professionalism — and with it, the notion that they care about other things.

For many years I didn’t care much for my health. I always have done some kind of exercise, with periods of intensive training. But when I started to work as a freelance designer, suddenly there was no time for myself. I wanted to be professional, meet my deadlines, have a great performance and create trust. But the hours went, and I ended up eating in front of the computer. Exercising was more a thing of doing a bit of yoga and walking on weekends. I started with pilates and felt better, I reconnected with my body and what it needed.

Today I have a more structured routine, even if I don’t have a very hardcore training. I would like to start this fall to improve my health, but this time not so much for the looks, but because it is only a part, an important part, of one of my core values. If I can take care of me, I can take of your project, don’t you think?

Here in Sweden people run a lot. One Swedish blogger wrote in the Swedish Elle that there was a “runners psychosis”. I must say, sometimes when I see people running in the dark in the middle of the winter sometimes with -0, it is a bit difficult to understand. But if you are a runner I’m sure you get it: the endorphins, the habit, you just do it because this is what you do and who you are.

Lets get back to the fashion part. So what do you wear to get active? I see more and more cute outfits on the street. And brands collaborations like adidas with Stella McCartney or Mary Kratantzou are just examples. Now we have the cool and celebrity swimwear designer Mara Hoffman who launching today her activewear collection on Shopbop and the styles are really cute. I’am sure you saw her swimsuit on Beyonce, but I post it here anyway! I love the geometric and colourful styles, perfect to add a bit more of excitement to your daily routine.

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3 Thoughts to It is all about moving yourself – Activewear

  1. Celia Meylán July 28, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    So intersting post.

    • Mercedes July 30, 2015 at 7:39 pm

      thanks Celia!

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