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LuxMea Studios turns paper into gold thanks to 3D printing

By Mercedes

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Would you like to see a scrap paper turned into gold? And how about make it a piece of jewellery? That was the challenge for LuxMea Studios in New York. LuxMea combines the power of digital modeling, 3D printing and their own custom-built physics engine.

Skræp is an award winning jewelry concept that borrows from the complex geometry and subtle crevices of crumpled paper. Available in several high-quality materials (gold, stone, silver, steel etc.) Skræp’s unique shape goes way beyond traditional jewelry making – its formed with state-of-the-art techniques and polished to a beautiful ‘wet’ sheen finish. All our pieces are durable, tarnish resistant, age beautifully and suit any style or occasion .

They are currently campaigning in Kickstarter and you can see the Skræp Pendant and the Skræp Cuff plus their collection and financial commitment to the YMCA at

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luxmea2-inspirationScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.26.40 PM

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