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Julian Zigerli Spring / Summer 2015 Video

By Mercedes

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A good marriage between music and fashion, this video features the spring summer collection by Swiss designer Julian Zigerli and the music of Daniel Pitout, with an added fun and fresh art direction.

“It was a few years ago. We were sailing down somewhere around Mallorca, drinking gin and tonics. The sun was going down. My dad was leaning back and said ‘life is one of the hardest’!” zigerli says, laughing uproariously.

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It is this particular memory that gave the collection its name ‘Life is one of the Hardest’. The ss15 collection is entangled in a dark and kooky world seen through the short sighted eyes of
an overworked salaryman, played by Daniel Pitout from the canadian punk band eating out.
Comically twisted yet oddly naive, our salaryman finally leaves his cubicle for a mad world full of endless possibilities. He can’t quite make sense of anything, yet our hero revels in not knowing what will happen next. Named after the collection, the soundtrack ‘life is one of the Hardest’ was written, composed and interpreted by eating out as an exclusive artistic collaboration with Julian Zigerli.

One of the founding concepts of this label is to focus on constructing garments out of innovative Swiss textiles. Born and raised in switzerland, Julian Zigerli graduated from the university of arts, Berlin in 2010 before returning to his roots in Zurich to launch his eponymous label. ever since, he has been enjoying a great deal of recognition both locally and internationally and was awarded multiple fashion awards.

Daniel Pitout was born in South Africa and has worked as a musician and actor for the past 13 years around North America. Predominantly playing as the drummer of Vancouver based punk band nu sensae, Daniel started Eating out in 2012, originally with members of White Lung, Nu sensae and Peace backing out the rest of the band. Eating out has released music on Burger records and Suicide Squeeze records. His music videos for the band have been featured on much music, MTV, Dazed and Confused and Fader. Daniel currently lives in London, England and is releasing new material from Eating out later this year.

julian-zigerli4 julian-zigerli3 julian-zigerli2 julian-zigerli

‘life is one of the Hardest’ movie credits
art direction: studio manuel schibli –
camera + cut: julia Brütsch –
styling + all clothes: julian zigerli –
Hair + make up: rachel Bredy
starring: daniel pitout from eating out, pascal Vogel, francis meier, leo gretener, Viktor jörgensen, pi guicciardi, serafin gerber, nicolai schmidt
music By: eating out

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